The self-development topic has recently become viral in a certain way. People strive for excellence and state the fact of constant self-improvement needed to succeed in any duty. However, most of us are mistaken about the proper ways to achieve the best results, while some of us even struggle to determine our goals. The topic is truly wide and complicated, yet we tend to appeal to it when we strive for ultimate life changes. You seek for guidance to start the changes; we give it to you. Don’t make the words just stay words, use it.

1. Discipline
The most basic point is the self-discipline. You shouldn’t even try changing something before you obtain the skill of the self-control, really. If it already sounds too complicated and frustrating, then you haven’t made the decision yet. Come back when the decision is made.
Basically, our subconsciousness operates in a straightforward way. We constantly have a dialog with ourselves whether we hear it or not. It is based on making decisions whatever action we take. However, there is a rebel-minded personality in our head which always finds a reason to prevent us from taking actions. When you think of “I should start working on my project”, the anti-discipline personality says “I am watching silly-dilly videos”. Your mind gets only the true statement. Because you are actually watching something, you will never start working unless you state that you are working with further including your brain and motoric system to the duty. The skill of self-discipline, however, is never obtained when the first action is made. It is a process which takes effort and books to read.

2. Concentration
This one is related to the modern generation and modern society in general. The informational overflow leads us to a lack of concentration. When the last time you focused on a particular duty for, say, hours? Have you ever done so even once? When you are distracted while shaving, you are about to get a razor burn. The same is about your efficiency when doing completely anything. The self-discipline skill is so important to start because it is the first step to teaching yourself concentration. It is a whole new layer in the process of rebuilding your personality. It takes much effort like changing your habits. By the way, you should find out the habit loop and how the habits work to change them. By terminating the distractors, you will prevent yourself from the focus loss. I didn’t say it would be easy.

3. Self-awareness
This one should not be difficult for those who have obtained the skill of discipline and concentration. Self-awareness generally means facing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing what you like and what you don’t like to do. It is a progressive way of having the mentioned dialog with yourself. Being aware of your desires is essential for planning your life. You will not procrastinate the process of self-investigation if you are disciplined. However, it is okay not to be sure about certain aspects. Our interests may change dynamically. Therefore, our mind is very flexible. Don’t get frustrated when you can’t determine a particular point. In addition, work from the strengths. It is more efficient to use your strengths rather than attempting to fix your weaknesses and benefit from them.

4. Desires, goals, and results
The last point is planning out your life. Set a frame, like two or five years. Think about what you want to achieve during this term. It means considering your desires. Think about how you can reach your goals and what it takes to do it. You will see that global goals will not suit the global desires perfectly. The results will be seen when the term ends. Mostly, we don’t complete each task perfectly; sometimes certain ones remain undone or canceled. It will be easier to set valid goals each time you face the factual result.

Use these tips and look for more literal sources to obtain a tangible knowledge. Yet, this article will never help you unless you start the changes right after reading it.

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