Daily Discipline Breeds Self-worth

When you keep the commitments you make with yourself, one of the greatest benefits, which will flow to you, as a result of acting on great ideas when they come to you, is a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.. How great do you feel when you keep commitments you make with yourself? The art of self-discipline breeds, self-worth, which in turn helps you to feel better about yourself and your self-esteem, improves too. The more positive you are and the greater your belief in yourself, the greater the chances that you will succeed at the things you attempt. This will inspire you to always try your best

What drives you?

Self-discipline, is that driver, which will get you off your butt every day, so that you will actually take the action, you need to take to succeed. The sooner you start down the road of daily discipline and then remain committed to take goal specific action daily, the sooner you will achieve the success you desire and the better will be the results you will achieve in the end too.
Responding to new Ideas
So when should respond to any new idea you have? The sooner you respond and begin to take action, while the idea is still hot and steaming away in your brain, the better your chances you have at achieving the success you want. This is because your desire, drive and passion are at their strongest, when any new idea is fresh in your brain and the emotion is at its peak.


As soon as great idea enters your mind, don’t wait around too long before you do anything about it.
For example: When you make the decision to start down the road towards your own personal development. Don’t think about it for too long, take action immediately. Go online, while the idea is still piping hot in your mind and order that first personal development book, or go to the bookstore immediately and buy the book.

The next step is to schedule time every day to read the book. When you take action and actually use that time to read, you measure your progress daily, you will actually start to see positive results in your life. Don’t forget to reward yourself, every time you keep your commitment to read. The daily reward can be as simple as a smile and allowing the glow of satisfaction to flow over you. This reward will help encourage you to repeat the behaviour every day.

Law of Diminishing Intent

As you know your drive, determination and passion is at its highest, when any new idea first comes to your mind. As time passes, so too does the drive and passion you feel, also dwindle away to nothing. The secret to turn any great idea into something meaningful is to try to translate the idea and intent, into action as soon as possible. If you wait too long the passion dies and eventually the great idea cannot even be found any longer.

Don’t Hesitate - Take Action

There is no substitute for taking action, whilst the emotions are still high and the idea is strongly carousing through your brain.
Action Idea: If you want to improve your health, don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Immediately go buy a book on nutrition, join a gym and then schedule time to attend gym every day. Remember whatever gets scheduled gets done. How about lying on the floor immediately and doing a few push-ups. The sooner you take action the better will be the results and the greater the possibility of turning the idea into something meaningful. Don’t wait for too long, otherwise the wisdom of the moment is wasted.

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