No matter how confident you are, how self-assured you may be there has probably been moments in your life that self-doubt and fear have kicked in.

The constant questioning and bargaining that takes place in your mind is one that is worrying and off putting to really take hold of certain situations.
Rest assured here are 5 steps to take in order to kick that gremlin:

1. It’s completely normal. Generally speaking if you’re feeling nervous it’s probably because you care. It’s also important to remember that everyone goes through the same feelings at one point or another. Matter of fact you should feel more nervous about the fact you are not feeling any hint of self-doubt.

2. In the zone. You want to have the feeling of success driving you to make sure every target is hit but each and every one of those targets are incredible high. So if have the feeling of self-doubt on a bad day then you are working outside of your comfort zone. This is great! You want your business to move forward so you need to do things that make you feel uncomfortable to learn and adapt.

3. To-Do filling up? This is wonderful! Not only because you are keeping yourself busy but this lack of time to sit and ponder means you have less time to think of the negatives or let an idea turn into something terrible.

How much more confident do you feel when you get something done? Or get an idea off the ground? This is what rids your mind of the fear and self-doubt which lurks around the depths of your mind.

4. Embrace it! It’s been said to do something every day that scares you. On a physical scale this will probably take its toll after a while. However if you concentrate on the aspects of your business and accomplish them, then your confidence is going to go sky high.

Part of your to-do list should consist of things that will generally put fear into you, along with keeping busy you begin to overcome those fears and learn something new all the time. Try out a new cold calling technique, try networking at a local coffee shop during a lunch hour. If it scares you, charge at it.

5. Take Action. Imagination, knowledge and creativity are all important aspects to have and utilise for your company but nothing will happen without action taking place. Words can be spoken and brilliant ideas can be put together but of course on paper they will look great, it’s the real world that needs to see it now.

If you say, today I will follow up X number of people, then stick to that number to the point that not hitting it will again bring that fear back into play. Whatever the task don’t be easy on yourself, but push to a great number. This number should be insanely optimistic but achievable but when you go to bed at night there won’t be a feeling of I should have done more tonight.

So like many people we all have fear and self-doubt at some point about something, it’s human nature or we would all be running in front of cars without a second thought.
Get a note pad and scribble every achievement you have accomplished throughout your lifetime, when in doubt about your capabilities flick through and realise that what you can achieve is something extraordinary at best!

Author's Bio: 

John Perrin, director of Tactical Sales Training – We focus on telesales courses, field sales & sales management courses. We've helped hundreds of businesses and individuals to increase their general sales effectiveness. To say the least, we're very passionate about what we do.