Self doubt is much like the killer disease in that it can actually kill any chances of you becoming successful! It almost doesn't matter what level of skills you may have if you lack confidence for any reason your own efforts will likely be counterproductive keeping you from your goals! Our discussion here today has more to do with 'how' your doubts can keep you from becoming successful and not where they may have originated!

Let's look at 3 ways doubting yourself can actually create an almost impenetrable barrier!

Erodes Confidence

With a subconscious that never takes a rest saturated with doubts about your ability to become successful the outcome seems inevitable! Your thoughts and efforts need to be focused and positive to achieve most anything but when you lack confidence this makes things very difficult! As your inner being is saying you 'can't' it tends to nullify any physical efforts you make much like trying to run in quicksand! Remember your subconscious is 'working' on your 24/7 so that even when you're asleep negative thoughts continue to course through you!

Drains Energy

After a short period the enthusiasm that compelled you to take action in the first place has ebbed to a very low level. This is where you've draw your motivation and energy from but as your mind begins to tell your body 'what's the point' your energy also gets run down as well! In fact at this point it seems any actions you are taking are at the least ineffective if not downright counterproductive to your goals! That damn subconscious is winning a battle your physical being is not even fully aware is occurring since the mind works in very subtle yet relentless ways, like a cancer!

Weakens Commitment

Now you're riddled with thoughts that are telling you how impossible it may be for you to become successful and your energy level is next to nothing. Much like suffocating your entire being is depraved of the positive thoughts needed to continue moving towards your intended goals! Quitting at this point is beginning to look like a pretty good option since little or no progress is now being made and as your commitment weakens so does your efforts!

Self doubt is a disease much like a cancer from the standpoint that it can actually kill your chances of becoming successfully. Doubting yourself causes you to lack confidence which can be a very counterproductive feeling when trying to achieve any goals or objectives you target! There's a saying that goes like this ' if you think you can you're right and if you think you can't you're right again' and this holds a lot of truth! Our own ability to become successful at just about anything can be severely diminished by our subconscious telling us we can't succeed! When you lack confidence as a result of inner doubts it can create some formidable barriers such as the 3 discussed here today! The key is to surround yourself with like minded positive people and invest in yourself to be better prepared for whatever you set your sights on! In doing so you increase your chances of becoming successful dramatically!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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