Empower yourself by learning NLP Anchoring
Firstly, what is Anchoring? It is simply defined as a procedure where your memory and emotion bank are associated/anchored with some other resources in your sub-conscious mind, just like a ship being anchored to to a certain location. An anchor is simply any representation in the human nervous system that triggers any other representations.

Anchors can be represented by our 5 senses (what we see – sight, what we hear – sound, how we feel – feeling, how our nose react – smell, how it taste – Taste) When you anchor a state, it implies that you can re-experience the state upon firing and triggering the anchor.

How to change a state?

1. Change your action and movement, for example jumping around, up and down, beat your chest, clap your hand to get out of the undesired state

2. Transform your feeling – for example, when you are feeling down, you will visualize more dull colur, so try to get more colourful and pleasant colour back into your body, you will feel different.

Why anchoring is so powerful? It is because by mastering it, you can easily change your state of your mind or mood, for example, when you are provoked by someone, you can still easily stay cool and calm.

I will just denote some scenerios to better illustrate what NLP anchoring is.

Some daily life examples of NLP Anchoring
1. A smell of a bread can lead you back to your worry-free childhood, did you encountered this before?

2. Some tunes or songs can bring you back to the state you are before, like feeling romantic as it might be the love song of you and your beloved or even feel sad as it is the song that you faced a relationship break off and many others…

3. Do you have a dog? If yes, did you discover something that is very common and it is called anchoring. When you ring a bell, your dog will salivating and come running to you, even you have no food for it because to the dog, it has been programmed to “Ring bell means time for food”

Got some ideas on what is anchoring? Please kindly share more if you have more on anchoring.

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