Can you pump up your self-esteem? How about being your own cheerleader? Does that sound scary or do-able? Whichever it is, I hope this can help.

First of all, if it sounds like a scary or unsafe thing to be your own cheerleader, this is where and energy healing modality like EFT comes in. If EFT is not for you, then you may prefer Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing or any of a number of effective modalities to help you get there.

Secondly, you can try the following exercise.

Do an easy exercise of writing down all the good attributes which you like about other people. For example, it can be kindness, Honesty, a good sense of humor, loyalty, being carefree, motivation, good fashion sense, whatever, just write it down. Use a special copybook that you buy just for this exercise, a notepad on your phone, tablet, or laptop, or whatever works for you. This will be your special journal for this simple exercise.

Just go for it. Make a long list of all the attributes that you admire.

Now, this is the really interesting thing. You may find that the more attributes in others that you write down, the more you will see a pattern of qualities in a person that are important to you. And this way, you can begin to see what person your heart truly says that you want to be. Then you can listen to your heart and allow those good qualities to develop in you.

You can fake it till you make it. That is always a good start. You can begin to copy these attributes as your own. Do it one by one; for example, one a week. Again, you may have to fake it till you make it, but how else can we learn something new?! You can incorporate one good attribute into your own being until you get through the whole list.

Next, choose the top 5 attributes that you have adopted into your life. Make motivational affirmations out of them. For example, "I am a person of integrity, and I like that in myself". To help you absorb these affirmations faster and with less resistance, you can use Meditation, EFT, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing, or any self-help technique that does it for you.

Use one affirmation a day for the 5 weekdays each week, then either have a break at the weekend, or repeat them all each weekend. Be your own cheerleader, and enjoy pumping up your self-esteem!

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