Someone with low self-esteem can be limited by beliefs that they do not even know are in their way. These beliefs may have been your "normal" for so many years, that they seem to be the absolute truth. However, there is no absolute truth. There is your truth, my truth, his truth, her truth; everybody's truth is different. However, there are some beliefs that are held in place by energy blocks created in the past, in childhood, or even beyond. Are you ready to challenge your beliefs and see if they are real or if they resonate as absolute truth? If so, read on.

It is all too easy for someone to ask "what are your negative beliefs"? But the fact that these are beliefs means that you probably do not realise that they are negative. You may completely miss how they feed into low self-esteem. Or it may feel unsafe to let them go. Perhaps at some point in the past, these beliefs protected you. Or perhaps they were said time and time again by a person in a position of authority, such as a parent, teacher, or employer. That is how hypnotherapy works, by repeating the same thing over and over again till we believe it. That is normally done to help us with positive beliefs and nice things about ourselves. Only in this instance, it is non-therapy. The persons or people that told you those things may have done so either with malicious intent or with loving intent. Or they may have been passing their beliefs on to you.

The good thing is that Emotional Freedom Techniques, usually called EFT or Tapping, works on the energy level. It is not psychology and not physiology. It is in the new field of energy. So you do not need to over-analyse or get to the root of the belief if it does not come to you. You can simply work directly on the belief.

This is the beauty of this: If the belief is one that serves you, after tapping extensively on it, it remains the same. If the belief is one that does not serve you, after tapping extensively on it, it dissolves.

If upon examining your beliefs that you live by, you cannot find one that seems negative, here are some suggestions.

"I'm not good enough";

"I'm ugly";

"I'm unattractive";

"I need to make sure there are never gaps in any conversation";

"If I don't keep saying something interesting, people will stop being my friends";

"I must always be perfect" (yes, this is a major one behind low self-esteem);

"I must never make a mistake";

"I'm not worthwhile";

"I'm not worthy of love"

"I can't accept myself".

Look at the above list and ask yourself if any of the statements ring true for you. Find the one that does ring true but not as true as all the others. That is a good gentle starting point. Or you can find one that is somewhere in the middle. Tap on the statement itself directly, using whatever form of EFT you like. Keep tapping, doing it maybe one hour 3 times a week for 6 weeks, and see if that statement still rings true for you. If it disappears, go onto the next one, and then the next, and so on. If tears, laughter, burps, yawns, sighs, shaking, or giggles occur, this is only a normal release. It can happen with any energy method and is a sign that you are releasing energy blocks. After each session of taping, it is good to stretch, move about, drink water, and rest, to help your energy flow and allow yourself to settle.

If you find you feel unworthy of working on yourself, it is best to work with an experienced practitioner or attend workshops run by an approved trainer.

If EFT is new to you, you can find free guides on many practitioners' websites and online at Youtube. EFT is a mixture of acupressure and releasing wording, designed to help free your energy of blocks in your path. When you have better energy flow when it comes to beliefs, you can have positive helpful beliefs about yourself and feel more self-confident. Enjoy your self-esteem journey. Step by step, you can get there!

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