Self help for depression... One of the saddest things about this illness is that it makes you feel very alone. You feel trapped within yourself as if things are happening to you which you have no control over and which cannot in any way be stopped but you also feel as if you are going mad because anyone you talk to sees you as being fine even though you feel awful. You do not have a plaster on your arm or a broken leg, you do not have bloody gushing out of a wound and you are probably not in hospital. So to them you look fine. But inside you feel much worse than people who have such physical problems.

People who have it very badly have trouble doing simple tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning, getting washed and dressed, going out of their home. They may also find it hard to motivate themselves to do things and some people find they are drained of energy. But people who get it severely also find they have physical complaints such as headaches and stomach aches which also pull them down. Some people feel absolutely dreadful physically because of it.

One way to start to cope with it is to accept that you cannot change the past. It could be that something from your past is causing this illness now. If you can accept that you cannot do anything about what caused it but you can do something about it then you are on your way. Another thing that you should do is to be gentle with yourself. If you feel too ill to go out then tell yourself that you will feel better in the future but for now you have to forget about it and do not try to force it. Do not feel guilty or ashamed or embarrassed, it happens to a lot of people. By the end of our lives approximately 25% of the population will have suffered it in some shape or form. For more insight into how you can help yourself with it go to where an expert will explain it in more detail. And remember that if others around you do not understand it is their problem. It would be a good idea for people who you live with to read up on it if they are open minded.

Self help for depression.

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