Did you know that your dog can actually help improve your overall self-confidence and self-esteem? It is true for many reasons, but mostly due to the way dogs love you unconditionally. It is this unconditional love that they give to you that helps you feel more accepted when out with friends or even strangers. Your dog affects your life in many positive ways that you may not even be aware of or possibly have not made the connection.

Owning a dog can improve your family's bond. Let's face it, nothing brings laughter or a giggle to a child than a dog can. Likewise, nothing brings happiness to an older person like a dog can and to everyone else in the home, it tightens the bond because everyone loves the dog and the love for the dog, improves your love and bond to one another. Next time you sit with your dog, notice how they gaze in your eyes as if to say, "I love you" they may not be able to say the words, but they show it every day. This expression of love from a dog spills over into other areas of the home and other family members. Dogs can bond families in outdoor settings if they take the dog hiking or jogging.

Households that have dogs are normally less stressful than those that are dog-less because a dog's presence can make the most stressful situations less nail-biting. When you feel stressed, if you pet your dog, an instant calm comes over you, they love the petting and it helps you physically. Dogs can normally calm you down when you are stressed more than people can simply because a bond with a dog is different than with a human, it goes deeper and seems the more research that is conducted on dogs and people bonds, the more positive health results for the owners of dogs are found.

Dogs improve your self-esteem because they accept you unconditionally. What happens when a child is accepted unconditionally by their parents? They go out into the world expecting everyone to accept them. The same holds true for adults, when you have a dog that shows you day in and day out that they love you unconditionally, it boosts your confidence when meeting people outside your home. You come to expect people to accept, after all that is what you are accustomed to at home.

Moreover, dogs bring a sense of calm regardless of how sad or stressed you may feel your dog can seemingly make your feel better. They help you to see a situation clearer because when we are calm, we can truly dissect a situation much better than if we are so stressed we can't think rationally. Additionally, when we are calm, the blood pressure goes down and so does the heart rate.

Finally, owning a dog is a great stress-reducer because they have a way of making you feel calm more than another person can. They cannot speak to you in English, but you know no matter what you tell them, they will keep it a secret!

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Kelly Marshall is a featured author at the popular ecommerce site Oh My Dog Supplies - the leader in dog beds and elevated dog feeders.