In December of 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer. I struggled greatly with the decision to undergo chemotherapy and radiation instead of fighting the disease strictly through natural alternatives. With such a treatable form of cancer and the promise of eradication through modern cancer care, I chose that path – but in combination with alternative healing methods proven to fight and prevent malignant tumors.

My research began in 2012 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I suggested the integration of natural treatment in her cancer fight. Physicians and family members objected to these ideas, and sadly, she lost her fight. I felt myself in the depths of a spiritual journey and asked “We come from the earth, could the earth help heal us? Does the earth hold everything we need for optimal health?”

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I bought and began taking the most researched and documented natural anti-tumerous ingredients. An idea was then born – why was there not one product with all of these combined?

While talking to other fighters at my cancer treatment center and support groups, I realized how much more energy I had then anyone else. I compared my nausea levels with what others described. Nurses and doctors were puzzled by my normal blood count levels. How could I spread the word for others trying to prevent and treat their illness?

Could I help others feel better as they suffer through the side effects of traditional treatments or as they decide to follow a strictly natural treatment path? Could these ingredients help those who’s illness have been termed “incurable” and “inoperable”? Could I encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle? This website, my upcoming book, Fighting My Cancer: The Do’s & Don’ts, and Cell Fighter 6 are my answer.

I can’t say that Cell Fighter 6 can help heal cancer – but I can share the research studies that show these ingredients have anti-tumorous effects. I can’t even recommend that you use this product for any type of physical ailments – but I can recommend that you become educated about your cancer and all types of alternative healing and treatment.

I’m sharing what has worked for me. I urge you to follow a nutrition regimen and get regular exercise. Above all, stay optimistic and grateful. Discuss your thoughts and questions with your doctor, consider the research, and follow your heart and mind.

I want to bring awareness of this amazing product to every person suffering from, or affected by cancer. We are looking to raise funds to specifically target people via web searches and penetrating brick and mortar locations of natural health food stores. This will create material, support effective SEO campaigns and fund representation to spread awareness and hope to cancer sufferers everywhere. These Ingredients work!

The research is proven, peer reviewed and published. A product like this can be the difference in an individual's battle against cancer. Please help support our efforts to fight cancer.


James J. Maioho

Author's Bio: 

James Maioho is an International Best Selling Author and businessman who resides in Grand Rapids Michigan.