When it comes to developing the self and growing both emotionally and spiritually, so many people are out looking for the quick fix. They're looking for that one-liner that's going to completely transform their perspective and have it all make sense. It's an unrealistic expectation, because self improvement is something that takes a lifetime to accomplish.

The best tip I can give those looking to improve is to look at it like a long term goal. Commit to doing the daily disciplines it takes to truly improve and develop, and you'll see slow and steady progress over time. Enroll in self improvement workshops, read beautiful and inspiring literature, learn to meditate and you'll achieve the end goal.

If your looking for the quick fix, you'll often be let down. This can be even more discouraging than how you felt before, and can give you a pretty pessimistic look at self help in general. If you get guidance from the right sources and continue to try out new concepts and ideas, eventually you will see progress.

Self improvement is not an action, it's a mentality. If you maintain a student's mentality, stay open to new ideas, and be a positive impact on those around you, self improvement is inevitable. If you maintain this outlook on personal development, you will be much more likely to actually achieve it.

Author's Bio: 

Zach is a Business Consultant, Golf Professional, Father, and Husband. He lives in Boca Raton, FL and is owner of ProSource Media.