Creation is evolving consciousness,ignorance and disease is frozen life energy , feelings,thoughts,consciousness. Therefore to heal it needs to melt,the life energy needs to flow and the feelings must be expressed.

It is important to have a process of awareness, "therapy",Bio-energetica. I find that on the path of awareness, it is important to be honest with your feelings. The other is the best mirror of your unconcious,oppressed feelings,the best mirror of your shadow side.

Search the painful feelings ,it is very important fully to express you feelings,anger,guilt, revenge, regret, anxiety, sadness to yourself,to friends you trust, or within a therapeutic session, to be aware of the feelings,bring then to the consciousness to free them and let go. It is very important to complete this healing catharsis by forgiving the other and himself.

Love ,gratitude, forgiveness heals the body and spirit.

Irrigate the physical body with life energy to avoid it gets dry

Man has also lost his contact with nature, it should again come in contact with the energy of mother earth and this energy let flow through the feet, along the body to the head. Occasionally barefoot walking through the grass. Be aware of the energy from the Sun and get the life energy through your hands and let it flow through your arms and your body. Become aware of the energy of father Sun and get the energy through your Crown and let it flow through your body to the feet. According to the ancient Chinese medicine there are 12 energy meridians, 6 meridians that take yin energy from the feet to the chest and then to the hands and 6 meridians that take yang energy from the hands to the head and then to the feet.

I wish you light ,love,strength, health,inner and outer freedom.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.