Motivation is to develop an inclination towards some specific behavior; it acts as a motive which prompts the person to act in a certain way. To motivate others with one’s speaking skills is very easy and common in human behavior. But when it comes to self motivation it is not an easy job. It is the feeling which does not have self instinct; it needs some extra efforts from outer resources. Self motivation can be practiced by following certain skills specially passing out students as they are in their decisive years of life.

Factors for Self-Motivation

Self confidence: For any reason in life you need to believe yourself: I can do is considered as first step of success. Lack of confidence can be depicted from one’s body language; if you don’t believe in yourself, how you can expect others to believe on you. By believing in yourself you can enjoy your success and even you can learn from your failures. The momentum created by self-confidence is hard to beat.

Self Realization: To understand your caliber examines your strengths to find out what you can do. You can determine your strength by analyzing what other people says about your capabilities. Along with it you can easily analyze your past success and failures. Remember your past experience is your base strength for future success.

Positive Thinking: Positive thinking is closely related to self-confidence as a factor in self-motivation. It's important to look at things positively, especially when things aren't going as planned and you're ready to give up. This is particularly the case if you need to work hard to achieve success, or if you need to persuade others to support you in order to succeed. Your ideas and thoughts can have a major influence on your success or failure, so make sure that your thoughts are "on your side."If your thoughts are positive you can expect positive results and your choices will be more positive.

Attitude towards Life: Your attitude towards life plays an important role in motivating your thoughts towards present as well as your future. If your attitude towards life is positive you will never give up on unwanted situations of life. Your positive attitude will play as internal force which will help you to fight for your challenges and ultimately you will win.

Goal setting skill: We can practice our self-motivation by practicing goal-setting skills. We should set goals accordingly and work hard to achieve them. Find out ways to improve your self-motivation and regularly reassess your motivation levels. If you actively keep your internal motivation high, you are very close to your hopes, dreams, and visions of the future. You should always set achievable goals for yourself, work hard to achieve them, and enjoy that achievement.

Motivating Environment: Self motivating skill arises through a healthy environment in our surrounding. This environment will help you to remain positive towards your goal and will aspire you fulfill your goal. These are external factors which helps you get motivated from outside. You can rely on these environmental or outside elements as supporting factors to motivate you.

By working on all these factors together, you will improve your self motivation. As you get more comfortable and confident with your self-motivation you will face your challenges in a positive way followed by positive results.

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