You weren’t born to be ordinary; you were born to be powerful! You feel this deep in your soul. But mediocrity is constantly threatening to keep you trapped forever. Escaping mediocrity is a matter of choice, not chance. Developing a lifestyle of powerful habits is the key to success in every area of your life! This is one of those things that’s easier to do in theory than in practice, but only practice counts. Here are some time-tested habits of powerful people.

1. Set Alarms

A strict schedule is one of the primary tenants of success. Many motivational speakers will tell you to create a morning routine that involves waking early, making the bed, and having a nutritious breakfast. Some experts believe the act of making the bed itself can create motivation for the day in an individual.

2. Avoid Temptations

Self-control is one of the most basic principle of self-respect and self-discipline. Anything that could lead to an addiction should be avoided, including unhealthy foods. If drug rehab is necessary to cut ties with an addiction, that is a good way to start on a new path toward a better life built around self-control and respect for your body and your mind. According to a center for drug rehab in California:

“A residential program provides you with in-depth group and individual counseling sessions, where you will learn how to identify and remove obstacles that may interfere with your personal success. Through a variety of clinical and holistic treatments, you discover and resolve the root of your addiction, leading to a healthier and more abundant lifestyle.”

-The Lakes Treatment Center

3. Eat Healthy

A proper diet that includes well-balanced ratios of the most vital food groups will boost your energy and productivity to levels. Count calories with an app such as MyFitnessPal or Strava. Drink plenty of water as well since most people are dangerously dehydrated throughout most of their lives. Don’t fall for fad diets – instead, focus on creating permanent healthy habits. Avoid unnecessary beverages like coffee, alcohol, and sodas.

4. Read

When a group of the richest people on the planet were interviewed about their daily habits, every one included reading in their schedule. Most of them would read for 30 minutes or an hour before bed, but they all claimed it was a habit that they couldn't break now, and wouldn't if they could. Reading is an ideal way to expand your consciousness and therefore yourself. Develop yourself a personal success curriculum. I would recommend Start by Jon Acuff, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey, for starters.

“Anything you want to know, anything you want to be, any problem you have to be solved can be learned from a book…Something happens when you read. It’s different than television. It’s different than listening to a great podcast of a great speaker or a great sermon. It’s different than doing something while you’re exercising. If you will sit in a quiet space and read, there’s something that happens to your spirit connecting to your brain. You will be inspired. There are no leaders who aren’t readers.”

-Dave Ramsey

5. Never Stop Growing

Stagnation is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and it is responsible for many people reaching plateaus and falling back into mediocrity’s trap. If you feel yourself stagnating in life, make a change that will get you out of the rut. Change the scenery. Take on a new project. Learn a new skill. Tackle a bucket list item. Challenges are the launching pad of all growth, so never get too comfortable.

These are just a few of the habits that powerful people employ to help maintain their exquisite lifestyles, and the more habits like these you incorporate into your own life, the most likely you will reach new levels of self-respect and worth.

Author's Bio: 

Rachael Murphey is a writer/entrepreneur living in Denver, CO with her dog Charlie