Businesses have always been in need of rental storage space and do use it affluently even today. However the trend of using rental storage space is now growing very fast in entire USA. Record reveals that out of total 58,000 self storage facilities globally, 46,000 are based in USA only. Mostly they are being used for commercial purposes, but the domestic use is also growing rapidly these days. As per an online survey to find out reasons why people use self storage facilities it is found that people often use such facilities when they are doing long distance travel, need some space at home on temporary basis (such as marriage or any other celebration) and want to move some items out for time being, or want to make permanent space in the house and want to store the used items somewhere outside but safe until they are sold out.

In any such situation self-storage facilities are really helping people to manage space without selling out things at meager price. However if you are planning to use any such self storage service, there are some things you might need to know the storage premise:

Cleanliness – the place should be neat and clean to avoid any germination. The place should be dry and free of any moisture or humidity as it might contaminate several sophisticated items too.

Loading & Moving Equipment – the service provider should provide sufficient loading, unloading and moving facilities for easy handling of the items such as trolleys, small trucks, U-haul trucks, trailers and sufficient staff to help these activities. Certainly these services will be charged extra, but you will need them at the time of moving your items in or out of the premise safely.

Safety – there should be sufficient safety measures adopted by the service provider. It should be equipped with sufficient numbers of CCTV cameras with all time recording facilities, with monitoring and security personnel.

Storage Unit - the service providers should have provisions of different sizes of storage units to match all commercial or home requirements.

Locking tools – some of the service providers also provide special U-haul brand disk locks at discounted price but it is always your decision whether you want to buy it from them. Mostly people use their own lock to be self confident.

Besides all above options you should also try to find out a service at easily reachable distance so that you can make rounds to the place to confirm safety of your belongings at certain intervals. You should also carry contact details of the company and even of a responsible person along so that you can talk to them whenever you need to. You should always inform them in advance whenever you wish to withdraw your items from their storage. You should also leave your accurate contact details with the company so that they can reach you in hour of need. You should also be aware of the dates to pay rent. In fact many people often prefer to deposit advance rent for the period they want to store the item. Be aware that failure to pay rent for more than agreed length might force the service provider to put your item on auction and cover their expenses.

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