So, you’re planning to get yourself tanned, but you don’t have enough time to bask in the sun while on the poolside or the beach. Nowadays, many people are raving about Sun tanning lotions because they can give you that glow in an easy, healthy, and convenient way.

But self-tanning is more than just getting yourself the most trusted Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion out in the market. Many rookies commit beauty blunders and the result -- a skin laced by unwanted streaks and blotches. If you want to achieve an evenly tanned facade, this read is for you.

Applying Self-Tanning Lotion the Proper Way

Follow these simple steps to get the tanned skin you’ve long wished for.


Before applying sun tanning lotions, you need to thoroughly prepare your skin first. Exfoliate in advance so you can remove any dead skin cells from your face and body. Focus on exfoliating your elbows, ankles, and knees -- areas where there are more dead skin cells.

You can also use an AHA (for normal to dry skin) and BHA (for oily skin) exfoliant to aid in the preparation.


You also need to moisturize the dry areas of your body (e.g. Feet, elbows, etc.). This selective moisturizing will help these areas avoid getting too much color from your sun ultra dark self tanning lotion. Skipping this part will lead to unwanted patches and uneven tan color.


On the day before you apply your sun tanner, it’s highly recommended to shave. This is another way of removing dead skin cells and exfoliating your skin. Plus, it will hinder self-tanning lotion droplets from getting trapped in your pores.


When applying your self-tanning solution, think about where your tan should start and end. Ensure that your lotion will evenly cover all visible skin. Many recommend starting from the bottom -- e.g. Your feet and legs -- before going through the upper portion of your body. This is to prevent unpleasant marks and lines from appearing while you apply lotion to your legs.

Also, don't use your bare hands to apply this beauty product. Invest in a tanning mitt or gloves to avoid getting orangey palms and hands.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Many people commit self-tanning mistakes. Avoid categorizing yourself into this group and check out the no-no’s we’ve compiled below:

Don’t leave your house immediately. It takes time before your tanned skin develops - around eight hours, to be more exact. Don’t immediately leave your house after applying your trusted sun ultra dark self tanning lotion -- or else, it will just drip and unevenly dry.

Don’t skip the sunscreen. When it’s time to leave your house, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your skin. This will protect that tan color you’ve worked hard for.

Don’t forget to exfoliate and scrub. If you ever notice blotches and streaks, correct them immediately by exfoliating and scrubbing the affected area. You can also seek help from home remedies like rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, citrus fruits, or even milk to remove these uneven results.

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