Putting yourself at the top of your list and taking care of you in the best possible manner sets you up to care of everyone else in your life to the best of your ability. Caring for self includes being grateful and thankful for all that you do for the well-being of you and carving out pockets of time in your busy schedule to sit back and reflect on all the positive attributes that you possess. This does wonders for your self esteem and optimistic attitude.

All too often we use up every ounce of energy we can muster to let everyone else in our life know how much we appreciate their hard work and diligence, what a wonderful job they are doing, how talented they are in certain areas and how successful they are in their endeavors. We are so programmed as women to dwell on everyone else’s good doings that we, more often than not, forget to make note of our own. Being proud of your own positive traits supplies you with the oomph to keep going.

Why not begin to delve into all the wonderful characteristics that you bring to the table on a day-to-day basis and view your accomplishments, endeavors and hard work?

~Take a small amount of time each day to sit back, relax and find a happy place in your mind to reflect upon the happenings in your life and the wonderful ways you make a difference.
~Journal about all the ways you love yourself and things that you do that make you proud.
~Be kind to yourself and be patient with yourself just as you are with others in your life.
~Learn to accept your attempts as successful ventures, even if they don’t turn out as you had planned. The art of self forgiveness is priceless.
~Remember to take the time to eat well and exercise your body. You are given one temple in which to grow and develop; give it the respect it deserves.
~Treat yourself to relaxing moments at the spa, hair salon or take a dip in a serene body of water.
~Look in a mirror on a regular basis and quote stunning elements about yourself. Take the time to notice all the wonders that are housed in your shrine.
~Silence any negative banter that surfaces in your mind. Replace it with positive thoughts.

Being aware of your fantastic features does wonders for your motivation, consistency and love for self because only when you take the time to view the workings of yourself do you truly begin to acknowledge all your triumphs and move forward in an encouraging light.

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