As you stop focusing on the money that you say you must in the daily life and have; “forgotten the great endeavor,” you will see it is because you have already stopped thinking of struggle, it does not give you “the living.” Now instead you focus on what you can do to bring “life” into your “life”. Your dream is to expand your “self-improvement” immediately. You know how to use motivation and that is only needed, if you do not understand yet, why life can give you things for free. Do not ask for money for your business at first, give of your awareness and your emotional power will build your market. You will at first be surprised when you see where the money comes from.

You Are Not Afraid Of Losing Money Or Are You?

Losing money does not exist at all – it is a part of life, you have to love it losing money, it is knowledge. Maybe you can be in agreement with me, when I say “giving is receiving” even in this case. It is a part of the game, so to speak, but it is to be understood. It is not fact when we say “to lose some is to win some,” forget that fast, and this is only when you are gambling and playing games like poker, and not understanding the stake.

When you are terrified of losing, you lose. Put in twice of your time and attempt instead and see how amazed you will get. In boxing they count to 10, when the boxer is down and the boxer often rise before 10, and he can still win. Study conscious and unconscious knowledge. You got the picture?

Never Give Up

You feel the lot you do is for a idea and you love the work that you are doing. It is like if you cannot stop. You have been collecting information and you know “the market” is eager for your expertise and knowledge. You cannot give up, do keep on and then all of a sudden it is no longer a fight. One day you get that acceptance, and there is your fortune. You can never give up.

Know That Errors – Mistakes Are Essential In Self-Improvement

You should always expect errors – mistakes in life, that is so essential and your way to live. You have only one way to avoid mistakes and that is doing nothing. But even if you are doing nothing you do make faults. When you do the dishes, you destroy plates. When you sell expensive stuff of several hundreds of dollars, customers do complain. So now you get it, mistakes are essential to improve and acceptable.

Are Inventors A Obligation?

When you literally explode your work, you find more and more of uninvestigated problems to explain. These problems that you are about to described to others are the needs you will take away and solve. You can see how everything is solved, and you have the means and you know the first best result then to give away as donations. You are now an inventor and a need. You have improved your own life and others.

When Are You A Self-Improvement Millionaire?

When you are dreaming of being that self-improvement millionaire, then you are the one, easy and true. “Keep that thought” as you might have heard from someone before, I do agree. Use your mind-set and start creating in your mind, body and soul. You are what you feel. Feelings are creating life, your life.


When promoting “self-improvement products” on line, you have to consider, or at least apply and understand some of these issues:

• Self improvement products, the industry and how it works
• New potentials are there for you to invent and create
• What is time and money? Time do not exist or delay you, money is to be used
• Mental health, is it only a word to be a “hang up” for you?
• What people searching for, their needs
• Understanding “Little Efforts” and how you can do what you like to do and faster

This is my life now, “I am a Self-Improvement Millionaire” and I welcome You, Now!

Summary: The Self-Improvement Millionares do not have to think about how to get the money in their pocket, in fact, You as that Millionaire know you are doing right and also that you are helping others, you are giving of your wealth to create riches and knowing everything comes back to you is overwhelmingly positive.

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Anders Jacobsson is a Business Manager and Entrepreneur.
Anders is a Rev at BPI, Berkeley Psychic Institute & Foundation for Spiritual Freedom, Berkley and Energifokus, Stockholm. Teaches healing, meditation, psychic reading, Claim Gift at: