Do you ever have those days when you just wake up in the morning with a huge big dark cloud over your head and feel miserable? The trouble is, if we start the day like this, the negative vibration that we send out, as well as the negative thoughts, will often result in our day getting generally worse and worse as the hours go on! Sometimes, however hard we try to feel more positive, this dark cloud just tends to hang around all day and can lead us to feeling self critical, anxious and negative.

So, my challenge to you all this month is to start a Love Journal. This technique is particularly effective for people who may be feeling that they have a lack of love in their lives or may be finding it difficult to do the exercises on Loving Yourself.

This technique is really simple. First of all, treat yourself to a new visually attractive journal with lots of blank pages and then try any of the following steps, filling up your journal with the pictures / words:

1) Get a few magazines and cut out pictures which inspire you. If you are looking for a new partner, choose a picture of a relationship that you desire. If it is more friends that you would like, cut out pictures of friends hanging out together having fun. If it is abundance that you feel you wish for, cut out pictures of cheques, dollar signs etc. The idea is to fill a few pages of your journal with pictures which make you feel good and inspire you. Remember, you get what you focus on!
2) Write a list of all the people in your life that know love you. This could be family, friends, partners etc. The idea here is to focus on the love you DO have in your life already, rather than focus on what you feel is missing from your life. If you want to, also cut out pictures of these people and stick them in your journal.
3) Some of you may find this step uncomfortable. But I encourage you to reach out and do this step as it makes you feel wonderful! Remember, it is just as important in life to learn how to RECEIVE……as well as GIVE. Pick out two or three people in your life that you can trust and feel comfortable with being open with. Then, sit down with them, or send them an email asking the following questions:

• What do you love about me?
• What do you think are my best 5 character traits?
• What are the best memories you have of me?

When you receive these answers, cut them out or write them down in your journal. If you find yourself resisting this – do it anyway! When you read these messages, open your heart and let the love from your friends and family just fill your heart.

4) Start writing a list in your journal of 5O things you like about yourself.
5) EVERY time somebody says something complimentary to you, sends you a nice email / text message etc, take time to write this in your journal. Read these words regularly!

The idea of the Love Journal is to fill your book with things which make you feel good about yourself. So, the next time you wake up with that dark cloud over your head, pick up your journal and read it. Just reading these words or looking at the pictures will raise your vibration and make you feel better. Then, your day will start to improve. This technique is really simple and it works! Use your journal regularly, whenever you feel you need an injection in your life or are having difficulty in keeping your thoughts positive.

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Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She contributes to many successful magazines and her hugely popular DIY Coaching Manual reveals everything you need to know from achieving exciting goals, to identifying and releasing toxic emotions.

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