Self-Discovery to Attract Desired Outcomes from Mental and Spiritual Planes

You are simultaneously physical, mental and spiritual here on the planet earth. We know this. You are living a life right now on the mental plane and a life right now on the spiritual plane; and self-discovery leads you directly to those parts of your life. Did you know that? Did you know there's an Eileen on the mental plane doing a mental plane life and an Eileen on the spiritual plane doing a spiritual plane life; and that when consciousness withdraws from the physical Eileen, what Eileen has is a life that continues there on those two other planes? Not developing much mental and spiritual life would mean Eileen would be 'developmentally challenged' in her existence when she is no longer connected to the part of her (the physical) that she paid all her attention to. Having led an unexamined life here, she would be like a newborn on those planes when she exits the physical one. Don't worry, she will make it. She will just be, at first, like one of those people we see here in the physical plane who choose not to be involved, those people who sit around thinking up ways not to do things, not to interact. But our Eileen is motivated to discover all about Eileen.

Self-discovery here in the physical world, of your own three-plane existence, enriches you—enriches all the yous. Eventually amalgamating (connecting up and blending) all your existences allows you to create events by aligning the planes and simultaneously attracting the same thing on each of them.
Well, all that is well and good, but it's theory, isn't it? How on earth does one connect with something in another unseen world to attract something in this one? Seems spooky, seems scary, doesn't it?

Actually, it isn't scary at all, and some people are connecting without being aware that that is what they are doing. Maybe you? It is spiritual growth; it is self-discovery. Here is how: Gradually blend your consciousness with your subconsciousness and your super-consciousness. That is the recipe. But it's a recipe at this point without instructions or a list of ingredients, isn't it? It's like saying 'Apply heat to food and serve.'

Here's how the connecting is done. It's called the examined life; it's called awareness of one's inner being; it's called self-discovery. It feels like taking your brains out and playing with them, which can be fun at times, and can be a chore at times. It is self-analysis plus intuitive analysis of one's whole environment. There's your mental life, all right!

Now to the spiritual component of this type of self-discovery. You should know the spiritual realm is where the causes of things are. Your superconscious is the part of you that connects with the spiritual realm. The spiritual component of this self-discovery comes in with: The purpose of all this thinking is directed to the cause of things, including what you yourself are causing, and then going about causing the most desirable outcomes. Connecting up with God occurs when you get into the spiritual realm, but that is a subject for other articles.

Now let's get down to the 'brass tacks' of the type of self-discovery that allows you to attract desirable outcomes from the mental and spiritual planes. First you examine your own motives. Who am I? How do I deserve to respect myself? What am I really up to? What undeveloped talents do I have? What part of my life have I developed really well, and where can I take that? What part of my talents do I not recognize or respect? (Cooking, mechanical repair, sewing: talents like that are disrespected, so people who do these things well often do not congratulate themselves enough on their abilities.) The process of examining and discovering your whole self will automatically move your subconscious awareness into conscious awareness. (It will also introduce yourself to yourself--self-discovery again--so that you know who you are and where you stand. Knowing where you stand is important if you want to get somewhere else, isn't it: You can take off only from where you have actually landed.) The blending of conscious and subconscious awareness is a gradual process over years. How your life is enriched by this self-discovery!

I want you to know that changes in your brain may be happening as you blend these two; and you may have physical awareness of this: a spacey feeling as you sense other dimensions. Physical sensations are normal in this phase. New neural pathways are being forged. When you reach a certain point in becoming aware of subconscious parts of yourself, you develop psychic intuition, psychic awareness, because the subconscious is where psychic abilities are to be found in a human. The psychic talents that come from spiritual self-discovery are different from the ones 'spirit guides' produce: You are not going through some other spirit, you are there in spirit doing it yourself.

And then at a certain phase of amalgamating the conscious and subconscious, you reach the border where your super-conscious intersects with your subconscious. Uncharted territory. In this phase of your self-discovery, you begin a new level of spiritual awareness, because the super-conscious is from the spiritual dimension. (The subconscious is the domain of the mental, the super-conscious is the domain of the spiritual: They are connected and they have parallels.) Yes, dreams and visions play a huge part in these experiences. (That is another article.)

At the point in your self-discovery where you are jointly accessing all three levels of your own awareness, you are not only aware of the interconnectedness of planes but you acquire a working knowledge of how to access what you need from them, how to create on them, how to work in those places, how to make physical miracles. Why are you aware of this?: because the information is there, and you have reached it. It is a very natural progression. It does not come all separated from your experience of life, from your physical existence. . . partly because, at this point, your physical existence isn't the same as other 'normal' people's. You not only become aware of the interconnectedness of planes, you become active on them, and may eventually act simultaneously on all of them! Your selves have met one another and they are working together. You are truly three-dimensional.

When you reach the point of being active and creating on all the planes, you are very powerful and are probably elderly because most people begin this process when they are 38 years old or later, and it is a gradual process. When consciousness is withdrawn from the physical, you are whole and well 'out there' because you have lived 'out there' for some time.

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Spiritual growth often happens in whatever area of your life is most annoying. When you deal successfully with an obstacle in the physical, you have a mental and spiritual victory as well, and when you deal with the obstacle in the spiritual or mental realm, you have a victory in your day-to-day living too. As an analytical Tarot psychic who is also a mystic, Emily often chances upon these intersections in your life, approaches them with insight and humor, and you are on your way. Any credit, debit or prepaid card will do; and 95% of that supports the 500-acre sanctuary of elk and other animals that Emily owns and operates.

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