What makes people different? Some people can get straight up in the morning and are ready to take on the world. Others have to force themselves to get up as they barely can stomach the thought of having to do anything with their day.

The difference is self-esteem. Its those who took the time to find themselves and choose a direction against those who just want to make excuses for not doing anything so they can wallow in self-pity about the past.

Do you make sure you enjoy the good times, love to learn new things and take feedback in the good spirit it was intended or do you brush aside anything good as an accident and start sulking the moment anyone comments on what you are doing?

I know I am using two extremes here, there are the more complex of you who hang around in the middle. You know, you feel good about yourself when things are going well but don’t like taking risks. You like to follow the path set out by others instead. The fear of failure outweighs your desire to achieve. This means that failure is very personal and you will do anything to avoid being in that position.

So how to you motivate these different styles of personality?

Simple, just make sure you have the right ingredients for each person as an individual. Understand what they want. Challenge them to be realistic and nurture them with the feedback in the style that makes them motivated.

Communication is the key. A message is only as good as how the person who receives it interprets in their world, not yours. Just think what you need to change in your approach with the different people you interact with so you make sense in their reality.

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