Blogging for money involves a good deal more than simply posting a few updates and waiting for the income to start rolling in! The fact is you first need to establish the foundation common to any successful blog found online and that is reader loyalty! This is not something that occurs overnight but rather requires you consistently writing content of interest to others regarding the topic you've based your site upon! Investing a persistent effort in this area will result in readers returning to view more thereby gaining their loyalty. Having loyal visitors like this then allows you to make product offers more effectively since these people have developed a trust in you!

Let's quickly review the 'cycle' involved in building a successful blog that will allow you to earn an income based upon the loyalty of your readers!


At one point no matter how familiar you may be with your blogging topic, when writing content you'll first need to do some research! This research will be of benefit not only in terms of the information it will help you create, but for your own 'ongoing' education as well!


As stated above, research will be require to create something your readers will find of interest, but listening to their comments is just as important! Visitors often leave their opinions and this is great, but many will leave suggestions as well! By paying close attention to what your readers are telling you it will become much easier writing content you know they will enjoy! Composing interesting updates will be a top and ongoing priority for anybody trying to build a successful blog!

Traffic Generation

True as it may be that consistently updated blogs tend to get much search engine traffic, it is still advised to employ other methods to increase your exposure! Social sites, article marketing and link building are but just a few ways in which to build traffic and should be considered since every successful blog needs traffic!


In some form or fashion this involves making product offers and it's how you do it that will help determine your income! Bloggers offer their own products, affiliate products, use banner advertising and even 'rent' out space on their site. The tactics or strategies you choose are up to you but your own readers and the niche you work should factor significantly into your choice of how you monetize your site!

Rinse and Repeat

Realizing that developing and maintaining a successful blog that will earn you an income is an ongoing process also means it's a cycle that needs to be repeated! Of course what you do and how you do it will need to be tested and tweaked but over time this process will be one that simply needs to be repeated! It is at this point that you'll best be able to enjoy the benefits of literally getting paid for writing content your visitors enjoy! Always remember your success begins and ends with the information you create for readers to enjoy!

When blogging for money do NOT expect for your efforts to be immediately gratified since developing a successful blog does take time! On the other hand once you have a steady following you can expect many repeat sales from these people when making product offers! It's all about cultivating trust, credibility and a loyal following when writing content you can post to your site! The 'cycle' discussed above is one you can expect to undertake and is vital to developing a successful blog that will earn you a good income! Remember although this is a process that will require patience, it will reward you with an increase in your marketing effectiveness when making product offers!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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