When you start a real estate sales process, you generally want the transaction to happen as quickly as possible. Let's see together the 5 key steps to follow to sell your home. At Moss Home Solutions, we buy ugly houses quickly, in the state and without conditions. Contact now at (508)-844-8884

Estimate your house to set the right price

Homeowners always tend to overestimate their home. Before starting the formalities to sell your property, it is necessary to contact a real estate agent or a notary to estimate the sale price. With their increased knowledge of local market prices, real estate professionals know exactly in which price range your home is.

It is also the time to carry out all the mandatory technical diagnostics before a sale (energy performance certification, electrical control, etc.).

Carry out the finishing work to prepare your house for sale

Whether your home is old or new, there is probably a bit of work to do to make it presentable. A piece of peeling wallpaper, a broken plinth or a wobbly closet door, can resemble an image of a poorly maintained house and scare away potential buyers.

Take the time to take care of the details, declutter, tidy up, depersonalize and give a new function to each room. The buyer must be able to project himself and identify the different spaces at first glance.

Treat your ad to sell your house quickly

Once your house is ready for sale, take pretty pictures for your real estate ad. It is also the time to bring out your title deed to accurately describe the characteristics of your property.

Here are some things to mention:

1. Living space
2. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
3. Indicate if the kitchen is fitted
4. The dimensions of the garden
5. Specify if the land is closed and planted
6. Proximity to transport and amenities
7. Evoke the environment if it is an asset
8. Describe all the little extras that add value to your home, etc.

Prepare for purchase visits

If you have followed the previous steps, visit requests should come once your ad is published. Prepare, note or learn the dimensions of the rooms as well as all the details mentioned in your real estate ad. Anticipate questions that future buyers might ask you.

You can also think about the order in which you will orchestrate the visit. Statistics show that the purchase decision is made within the first 90 seconds. You have to take the big game out from the start!

Negotiate to sell at the best price

Good news! A potential buyer fell in love. Expect, however, that he will try to negotiate by offering you an amount lower than the proposed price. Define in advance a floor rate below which you will not go down. If the person is interested, he will make the necessary effort to be able to sign the sales contract.

If you do not want to sell your house on your own, you can call Moss Home Solutions who will take care of the sale for you for an agency fee.

You can also contact our teams to obtain a quick purchase offer, without commission and any suspensive condition.

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As you can see below there are several ways to sell your home, but what about when you need to sell your house quick?