Always take a video camera with you to art and craft shows so you can not only make a video diary of your travels (handy when trying to remember what a show was like), but getting very important video testimonials from you customers. Testimonials work because people like to see that others have been happy with a purchase from you before they decide to buy.

Especially for selling on the web, testimonials help create a buzz for your products. When people can't see your art in person, they will rely on the descriptions by others about how beautiful your work is and how great your customer service can be. Getting testimonials is easy. Just simply asking a customer who just made a purchase from your booth or store really works. People don't mind helping you out especially if they just had a great experience with your business. Testimonials are fun and exciting to collect when you know how much people love your work. Showing them to friends can really get the ball rolling in terms of getting them.

Your video testimonials can be transcribed into text for your brochures, emails and newsletters. All good marketers get as many testimonials as they can get and plaster them everywhere they can. When I visit art shows, even very high-end ones, most artists have not brought a camera with them, or they are too busy to ask for testimonials. But you need to get as many a possible. Your ego will thank you for it!

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