Search optimization is an important tool for a marketing strategy that aids in making effective online presence of brands by attracting audiences and growing traffic to the website, thus helping in the growth of the business.

Nonetheless, if you are unaware of the terms SEM and SEO, you won’t be able to understand which one is beneficial for your company.

Though it may sound alike, they are two entirely diverse tactics. Holding proper knowledge about the modification between these two terms will allow you to communicate a strong and active approach, which will help in increasing your online visibility.

Let us understand each of these marketing tools

Search marketing
This kind of marketing tool is used for attaining attention towards the brand in such a way that it starts appearing frequently on the search engine result. This tool is used for getting high ranks and traffic by increasing your brand visibility.

There are two chief tools used by search marketing
SEM – these are paid strategies that help in the appearance on search results
SEO – make use of organic strategy for making an appearance on search result

So what exactly is SEM?
Search engine marketing or SEM makes use of paid strategies to improve brand online visibility. This includes activities that include pay per click advertising or Google AdWords. These marketing strategies are created by targeting keywords for the product or services, so when someone searches for the keywords your service will pop up on the screen.

Search engine optimization
SEO is a marketing tool that works on the organic strategy that helps in gaining visibility for your brand. They do not use any paid tactics instead they make use of different techniques.

On-page SEO – this is where each page of the website is targeted by including good keywords, proper content is created along with keyword research.
Technical SEO - it works on the non-content part of the website by providing it a proper construction and foundation. Thisapproach work towards improving website speed, mobile and user-friendly features, index, and security. Working on these parts helps in improving ranks.
Off-page SEO – it helps in connecting websites with other high ranked websites. This includes link building, local listing, and directory profiles.

How are these two marketing tools similar?
These two marketing tools helps in making your brand perform on search engines by putting it in an important position among the competitors. These two helps in increasing traffic to your website. These tools make use of good and specific keywords by conducting proper research. These tools make use of popular and common terms in their search outcomes to increase your online visibility.

How are they dissimilar?
SEM makes use of placing advertisements whereas SEO does not. A search outcome that is SEM efficient will come with an AD extension whereas SEO will feature snippets. In the SEM search result, you will find the extension to further information such as mobile number, address, and other additional links.

  • You have to pay every time a user visits SEM results whereas with SEO you pay nil.
  • While SEM works towards increasing visibility among the desirable and targeted audience, it filters it by age, whereabouts, interest, habits, and more.
  • The effect of SEM can be seen immediately, whereas with SEO you have to be patient.
  • SEO comes with a high CTR in comparison to SEM.

In conclusion with
Now, after understanding both of these tools, you will be able to choose which one will be beneficial for your business. To make the right decision about your brand, consult a professional who can guide you better.

There are many SEO companies in Dubai or marketing agencies that work on both marketing tools, SEM, and SEO in Dubai.

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