Choosing greeting cards to send to people is a question of finding one boasting an image which is just right. Whether it’s a humorous picture, something artistic or a more personal image, finding one which reflects both your own personality and that of the recipient is frequently very difficult.

The motive behind sending greeting cards is relatively simple; you want to let someone else know that you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s their birthday, they’re struggling with illness, have just got a new job or are moving house, the idea is the same. You wish to mark the event with a card which shows them how much they mean to you. Of course, it’s possible to send a message via numerous other vehicles, such as a text or an email, but the very fact that we make use of these very many times every day renders them somewhat ordinary and run of the mill, and these are two things which you definitely don’t want a special greeting to be. That’s why sending a card still has so much resonance – it’s a tangible demonstration of your feelings and, no matter what the image on the front or the message written inside, its’ very presence is indicative of strong emotional input.

Having said that, finding just the right image is something which greatly increases the impact of the card, and merely accentuates the effort you’ve gone to. Rather than spending hours trawling card shops, despairing of finding one which is just right, why not use your own special images to make personalised greeting cards which will be exactly as you want them to be? Easter greeting cards, for example, could be fashioned using a favourite photograph of your own children – perhaps one of their smiling faces liberally smeared with last year’s Easter eggs. Just imagine the pleasure that opening such a card would bring to the friends and relatives who already dote on the kids in question. Creating a card of this kind has now been made so simple that literally anyone with the right photograph and access to the internet can do it. Merely upload the chosen image to the specific website and then make use of software which has been especially built to be simple to use even for those with no computing experience whatsoever. Once you’ve chosen the size and shape of your card, and perhaps added a heartfelt message, it will be printed and manufactured to the highest possible standard, using rich heavy glossy card and state of the art printing techniques.

The digital revolution doesn’t end there, however. Digital images are so flexible that they can be sued to create a dazzling range of items. Gather together twelve or more of your favorites and have them turned into photo calendars, or choose the very best shots in your collection and get them blown up, stretched onto a wooden frame and hung on the wall as stunning, gallery quality canvas prints.

Whether you use a few snaps of your garden in spring and turn them into greeting cards, or select your most artistic images and produce stunning canvas prints, the process will be equally simple. Not only that, but the end results will match anything a professional could produce, with the added bonus of being yours and yours alone.

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Take advantage of the digital revolution. Using your photographs to make personalized greeting cards or canvas prints will mean you’re handing over something which will truly move anyone who receives it.