Many seniors fall victim to neglecting personal hygiene, not out of forgetfulness, but because navigating themselves through a slippery bathtub or shower is not only exhausting, but also downright scary.
Although they may resist it in the beginning, seniors who wish to stay at home and prolong their independence can adapt their bathrooms with features that will not only prevent accidents, but also boost self-confidence.
Unless they can afford the costs involved with hiring a contractor to remodel their bathroom to accommodate a walk-in tub, not to mention the cost of the tub itself, there are a number of “must-have” features they can take advantage of that are less costly. The cost for walk-in tubs can run anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000,
Bathroom Floors
• Non-slip floors or carpeting in the bathroom will help prevent slips and falls.
• Don't have loose rugs on bathroom floors.
• Don’t wear slippery socks or slippers
Bathtubs and Showers
• Non-slip pads or strips on the bathtub and shower floor help prevent falls.
• Grab bars provide stability and a strong handhold. They must be long and wide enough to grasp easily, with a non-slippery grip. Grab bars should be strong enough to withstand the stress that will be placed on them.
• Bathtub safety rails help you get into and out of a tub safely, and eliminate stooping. Bathtub safety rails must be clamped firmly to the bathtub. They must provide a firm, non-slippery grip.
• Bath and shower stools or seats and transfer benches are helpful for those with balance problems or weaker muscles. Shower stools must have rigid seats and backs. Legs should have rubber tips.
• Handheld showers can be used to direct water over your body while remaining comfortably seated on a stool or in a tub.
• Check the water temperature before you get into the bath or shower.
• Have your hot water heater thermostat set below 120°F.
The standard 15- to 17-inch height of toilet seats creates a problem for many people, especially those with arthritis, hip, knee or back problems. Elevating the seat from 5- to 7- inches will give better leverage in regaining a standing position.
• A molded plastic seat is the simplest way to increase seat height by about 4 inches
• An adjustable seat will add from 3 to 6 inches of height.
A physical therapist or home health care aide can make recommendations and assist you with identifying sources for buying and installing these valuable prevention tools.

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