Senior leads help the financial advisors and Life insurance agents by distributing their company message to your target audience. Implementing good marketing is distributing your message in ways that is most likely to get the word across to the right people and ultimately increase your volume in sales. Marketing that would make a difference is about thinking things through, finding a sound game plan and the right approach. Take some insights that you've gathered here and incorporate them into your prospecting for annuity leads.

That does not mean each of my clients gets treated the same. But it does mean that of the portion of their portfolios that contain stocks, they all own the same stocks. If they own fixed-income investments, you will find the same fixed income securities in every portfolio. Mr. Jones may have 60% of his money in equities and Mrs. Smith may have 30% in equities. But the equities they each own are the same because the building blocks I use are the same few for each client. And these building blocks fit well because each client is similar to the other.

But you may be concerned that the niche you select for your focus could decay, and then you'll be out of business. That's not so if you do your homework up front:

•Select a niche you like working with
•Select a niche that has enough money to make your practice profitable
•Select a niche that takes action
•Select a niche that won't be comparing you to their choices on the Internet

If you see your niche changing over time, which you will be able to see early because of your specialization, then adjust your message or your approach. You will be more attuned, and you will be able to react early because of your specialization. You will have conquered the key to superior financial advisor marketing.

Here's an example. Up until 1997, I used a seminar title that focused on increasing a client's income. That message became less effective as people became accustomed to low rates (as compared to the early 80s) on CDs, bonds and other fixed-income investments. Americans, in general, were much more interested in equity investing. So, I shifted the focus of my message to include this new interest but also focused on the preservation of principal aspect desired by my prospects, and my attendance at my seminars popped right back up to previous levels. I was able to see this required shift in my message because I knew my target audience well.
If you want to diversify your clients’ portfolios, that may be fine. But your own practice must be focused, not diversified. To flourish, focus.
How to Convert Your Practice into A Business?

Those Who Charge Hourly Enslave Themselves
Often, when we think of a "practice," we think of the doctor or attorney. In general, the populace holds these professionals in high esteem, as they command high hourly fees for their time. But you and I know that anybody working on hourly fees is a slave to their office. Such a practice is not an esteemed position, but, rather, a form of self-imposed slavery.
Yet for most producers, mimicking the practice of a physician would be a significant improvement. Let me explain.

Project vs. Process

Many Financial Advisers treat each individual client as a custom-made, individualized project. Unless you have clients, who will pay you a lot (i.e., you earn at least $15,000 annually per client), you will never have a good business with this approach. It’s too time-consuming to provide completely customized service to each client. You can never charge enough to do so. For example, many fee-only financial planners charge $150 per hour. If they bill 2000 hours per year, their gross income tops out at $300,000. Top producing advisors and insurance agents earn 3 times that amount because they are selling the same products and services over and over in a highly efficient manner. Each client is treated in a very similar fashion to the others.
Your business must be set up as a process. If you fail to do this, your financial advisor marketing cannot be effective.

Every new client must get the same services and products. Sure, they may get them in different proportions, but every client who gets the "moderate portfolio" better own the same stocks or you set yourself up spending time on each account, providing personalized service when it’s not necessary. And you’re not being paid enough to do so.

A really good business is a cookie-cutter approach to dealing with clients. That does not mean clients get some impersonal program. It means they get a great program because you have honed the creation of your services and products you offer to the exact needs of the finely focused market you service. If you cannot treat your clients in a similar fashion, then you have not adequately focused on your target market!
Does Intel design a new chip for each customer? No. They do not do projects. Their business is a process, producing millions of the same chips per month.
Should every business be designed as a process? No. Estate planning does not lend itself to a process, as each client may need an individualized program. Just make sure that when you work on a per-project basis like this, you get paid a lot.

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