I have to admit it that I do not wish to say no to most people. Whenever someone has a request, I’ll say yes every time I can support them. Part of this is because I don’t like to leave people hanging and the other part comes from not wanting to disappoint other people. What's more, another part of me also feels that saying no possibly means burning bridges with people, and I don’t like to jeopardize my relationships with other people.

While saying yes looks like an easy answer for the points above, it’s not necessarily the best answer all of the time. Each and every time we say yes to something, we’re actually saying no to another thing. Look at how you’ve been living your life for a week and think of what you’ve been just saying yes to.

Most people ordinarily say yes to the little requests that come in because it probably won't appear to be like a issue during the time. Nonetheless, you can keep on saying yes to tasks, requests, and pleas for help, but you’ll never manage to live the life you dream of. If every little request wastes 15 minutes, then a few of these requests a day will effortlessly add up to hours. Start to think in terms of months and years, and think about the years you are letting go through your hands.

If you ask me, saying no ultimately boils down to respecting yourself. If you respect yourself, then you will also respect your free time. You will be very aware of the way in which you invest it. You’ll say no to requests which aren’t a good match for your benefits, because you know you are worthy of something more. You’ll say no to stuff that you do not get pleasure from, simply because you would rather spend time doing things you take pleasure in.

Often, most of us don’t say no because people don’t know what exactly to say no for, other than a nagging sensation that you don’t want to do something. To get beyond that, consider your ideal vision and your dream result. Think of a clear picture of your long-term vision with regard to yourself. As soon as you know what your vision is, it’ll be extremely easy to say no, because at this point you have a crystal-clear reason for this. The more clear you are, the far easier it will be to say no, since you know you’ll be jeopardizing this vision every time you say yes to anything at all that doesn’t help you get closer to your vision.

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