You are a beautiful person, a caring person, a person going through the ins and outs of your everyday life. How lucky you are! Eliminating anything from your food and beverage repertoire is senseless, it’s unrealistic and never, ever sticks with your lifestyle for any amount of time and nor should it. Allowing everything in your life that you enjoy, that brings you pleasure and is too darn good to live without is what life is all about and if anyone tells you different beware.

Enjoying all of life’s pleasures is a gifted right that we are brought into this world with; unfortunately, somewhere along the line we begin to view things that we enjoy as the end of all our hopes and dreams for a lighter, healthier future. Possibly we have listened to the “diet dummies” who have harped that if only we take away food and beverages that we enjoy and replace them with plastic tasting, cardboard imposters and watered down, tasteless options that all our dreams will come true. Wrong! You are given the honor of enjoying a plethora of alternatives which to select from and learning how to include everything in your life while en route to your goals is exactly what this endeavor coaches you toward – real life situations, real life how-to’s and real life results.

Keep these helpful reminders close to your heart when contemplating moderation tactics:

~Be thoroughly aware of portion size when enjoying your chosen fare.

~Do not bring any selection into your home if you are having issues with serving size and sensible consumption.

~Make a pact with yourself to gain control and power of any said food/beverage item that attempts to loom over you. Find the strength to be the one in control.

~Allow all food and beverage that you enjoy into your world on your terms. Figure out how your terms will apply to these options and stick to your guns.

~Do not deprive yourself of anything because once you do you are setting yourself up to travel down the “I can’t” mode and then begin the cycle of defeat. Don’t do it.

~Sensor your words if you begin to come close to uttering “I can’t have that.” This statement doesn’t work, never has and certainly never will stand up to real life expectations.

Eradicating any food or beverage items from your world is completely unrealistic, impractical and highly unlikely to be a productive long-term outcome. I know you are more than capable of tackling this trying task. Just do it!

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Nothing brings me greater pleasure in life than to assist women on their journey toward better health, weight loss and molding a lifestyle to one that meets their expectations. Coaching Lovely Ladies is a enormous passion of mine and I am completely honored to be able to assist each and every Lovely Lady on their travels of a happy, organized, active, balanced lifestyle. I coach real women who are willing to take real action and reap real results. Visit my website today and let me help you work toward your wellness goals.

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