One of my favorite things to do in the shower is...
to use a few essential oils! Among the steam and general relaxation of a hot shower, the oils aid the process of cleansing.

Firstly I'd like to point out that the use of TOO MUCH oil down plumbing pipes, will eventually get you a call out for a plumber. However, if you use the oils sparingly, you shouldn't have any trouble and they will just wash away with the water.
Eco systems I'm not sure about. You might want to consult your operating handbook for more info on using oils in these type systems.

Apart from those considerations, you can use a few drops of just the one type of oil, or you can combine a couple of oils to form much stronger aromatic results. Oh and anytime you see the word 'shower' here, you can safely swap it out for 'bath' whichever you prefer.

Why Use Oils In The Shower?
I like to use oils in the shower due to the increased effect of adding steam from the hot water. It seems to permeate the head a lot better when steamed (Hence another method of infusing oils; the head over a bucket of hot water and oils trick)

When I get sick, after showering with oils, I will also rub some oil directly onto my chest and anywhere else that is in pain (sore joints, stiff neck, aching legs) This is best done just before you get out, so you can use a little water mixed with the oil if you like. While I DO use oils directly on the skin, it's best to start with that little bit of water mixed, especially if you have sensitive skin.

So, you're in the hot steamy shower, you've got some oils on the wall, infusing the steam, flooding your senses with aromatic oils. Now you can begin your sensual self massage with a little extra oil. Go ahead, reach as many sore muscles as you can comfortably. Beware of strong oils and sensitive bits! ...Just DON'T! ok!

Which Oils To Use?
My favourite oils to heat up are eucalyptus and oregano. I have also been known to add in a drop or two of lavender, sage, lemon balm, peppermint and any other medicinal-smelling oil. Feel free to experiment with different oils at different times to see what combos you like best.

How To Use The Oils In The Shower?
I sprinkle about a quarter of a cap full onto the wall, just above where the water hits it. Then, once relaxing in the shower, and at my leisure, I can simply flick a handful of hot water at a time at the oils on the wall. By only flicking a small amount of water each time, you get the most inhalations possible out of the oils ie each time you flick some water at the oil, only a little of the oil will be removed into the steam.

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