In matters of sensuality, the sense of touch is very crucial. It helps one surpass their physical limitations and leads to mental satisfaction and emotional rejuvenation. Bring extremely popular amongst couples, sensual massage therapy in London is also very popular amongst non-married individuals.

Interestingly, other than titillating the senses, this form of massage also consists of numerous health benefits.

Helps Improve Blood Pressure – Sensual massage therapies assist work wonders for lower blood pressure. Patients who suffer from hypertension, a sensuous touch helps one to relax and bring down their blood pressure levels to a healthy position.

Stress Reliever –Health experts state that stress is the root of all negativity in life. Engaging in sensual massages also helps reduce stress and tension. These masseurs use different strokes to trigger of erogenous sensations and the pleasure which one experiences helps them relieve stress and all forms of tension existing in their mind. One feels rejuvenated, has clarity in thoughts and feels more confident to take on newer challenges.

Eases Body Ache And Inflammation – Those countless hours of sitting in front of a machine and straining those muscles and joints can take its toll. Eventually, after a point, the body’s endurance will give in and cause pain.

Taking up a sensual massage session helps one relieve muscle pain, spasms, strains and even inflamed joints. That warm virgin massaging oil along with those seductive strokes and caresses works wonders on those painful areas and immediately and helps in recovery.  

Other Health Benefits:

These are some of the primary health benefits of sensual massage therapy. However, it also helps in –

  • Improving social interaction skills of individuals
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Promotes fertility in both male and female
  • Help treat people with premature ejaculations
  • Causes personal growth and builds inner physical strength
  • Treats other psychological problems such as tension, anger and also fear
  • Regulates proper blood flow throughout the body and also proves good for the heart

Techniques and Tool:

Sensual massage involves specialised aromatic massaging oil or creams. Using these massaging oil and fragrance, one experiences immediate relaxation! The masseur is partially or completely nude (depending on the wish of the client) when giving out her massage. She combines soft, circular and stretching strokes to relax and arouse.

In some sessions, the masseur also uses items like leather, velvet, silk or similar clothes to titillate and achieve a blissful release.

Finding the Right Agency:

As this is a very popular mode of massage, one will find plenty of agencies giving out such services. But to find a reputed one –

  • One should check the skills of the masseur and whether they are passionate about exploring the sensuality of her client
  • Check their variety. If the agency offers Yoni, Tie n Tease, tantric massage along with sensual massage therapies, then one can go ahead with it.
  • Read the testimonial section and find out how satisfied their clients are with their services.
  • Also, check the rates and see if it is as per industry-standards or not.

Using these details will make the searching part a breeze. So, don’t wait any longer. Find a good masseur, set up an appointment and experience its unique pleasure.

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