A press release is a newsworthy statement which is written or recorded and distributed to various media professionals for the sake of gaining publicity for a product, business or an upcoming event. With the evolution of internet as the primary information provider , organizations, companies e.t.c have turned towards making press releases in a bid to spread their marketing message or about the latest information regarding the company or the product or event e.t.c This is so because online press releases have a longer life and are able to spread your marketing message to the masses in an efficient and cost friendly manner and it also helps in building a good reputation and good public relations.

To make more out of a simple press release you would have to make your press release more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. Search Engine Optimization involves techniques that help your page, website, advertisement or press release get better ranking on search engines. The higher the SEO ranking the better the visibility. Here are a few tips on how to write press release for SEO.

To make your press release SEO friendly, you would need to add keywords which could be anything your company name, product name, event time, date e.t.c this list of keywords would help in the search of your press release. It is advised that you use the most important keywords in the headline, which needs to be descriptive, interesting and should celerity the objective of the press release.
In the body text of the press release you are to use these keywords and spread them out like a tree spreads out the branches try and use at least two to three keywords in each paragraph, which would enable the search engine to see your press release quite visibly.

You need to keep the press release simple, no need to use technical lingo as the simpler it is the more easily your marketing message would spread and the other reason is that it is a press release not literature so simplicity is IMPERATIVE! Another thing to bare while writing an SEO friendly article is that it should be written in third person, and you should keep the sentences short.
Following these instructions you would be able to make your PR more SEO friendly and would be able to get higher ranking and viewership for your PR.

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