Any entrepreneur looking to increase online sales has heard of SEO internet marketing. This is where a website is built to sell a specific product or service by targeting certain keywords. This is done by modifying the content, coding and layout of a site. That being said, there are two main types of SEO internet marketing. They include:
1. Black hat SEO internet marketing

This is a type of SEO internet marketing where a person results to unethical methods to gain higher search engine result page ranking. The definition of this type of internet marketing depends on the search engine in question. Internet marketing can referred to as black hat if it violates a search engine’s terms and conditions, tricks users into taking an action that may result in an unwanted purchase, subscription etc., tricks search engines spiders into awarding higher search engine ranks and the like.

Implementing this type of SEO internet marketing usually results in a permanent black listing of a website. Some of the common black hat SEO internet marketing techniques known include:

1. Keyword stuffing – A SEO internet marketing technique that involves spamming an entire website with long tail keywords without any actual content in a bid to attract bots.
2. Cloaking – An SEO internet marketing technique that entails using scripts to hide a link, animation etc. in order to avoid penalization by search engines or to cause end users to follow a link.
3. Hiding text – This is where a marketer uses the same color on the text and background. This means that a human will not be able to read it but a bot will award a higher rank to the web page.

Other black hat internet marketing techniques involve using link farms, doorway pages, buying links from high traffic sites etc. An internet marketer should seriously consider the consequences that these SEO internet marketing techniques will have on business before implementing them.

2. White hat SEO internet marketing

This is the type of SEO internet marketing where a person follows all the rules and regulations laid out but the search engine. The marketer aims at increasing organic traffic by creating superior content and a very good end user experience over a long time. The marketer also has to factor in creativity in order to get ahead of the competition. Some of the techniques found under White that SEO internet marketing include:

1. Unique content – The marketer takes time to research and develop unique content based on the niche in question. He will take time to optimize the article for certain keywords and form a unique angle in an effort to attract both bots and humans.
2. Link building – This is a SEO internet marketing technique where a marketer looks for back links from high traffic sites in order to get more referral traffic and a better SERP ranking. This is done using guest posting, commenting, article marketing etc.

Other white hat SEO internet marketing techniques include improving layout, adding media to articles, using social media sites etc.

A business minded marketer should find ways to creatively use white hat SEO internet marketing techniques, even if this entails borrowing a few ideas from black hat marketing e.g. proper keyword placement instead of spamming.

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