There is a perception that the print on demand store pays off quickly compared to other types of business and is easy to run and grow. But this is possible only if you actively work on attracting customers - the more attention you pay to SEO and marketing, create strong partnerships, and carefully select a niche assortment, the more likely you’ll achieve success.

It often happens that you spend a lot of effort setting up a store, and at first, it pays off, traffic takes off, and then suddenly reaches a plateau… Sustainable growth is undoubtedly a testament to success, but on the other hand, it indicates that it’s time to change the strategy. Regardless of which customer, the first or the thousandth, you're trying to attract, increasing traffic is part of your online store development. And if it’s properly optimized for conversions, then the increase in traffic will be crowned with a rise in sales. Therefore, you must ask yourself:

How good is your assortment?
To understand whether your audience needs a particular product, analyze the audience, trends, calculate costs and revenues.

How big is your target market?
Depending on your ideas, you need to decide on a group of people willing to spend money on your products.

What's your addressable target market?
Targeted market refers to people with common interests and preferences who are ready to spend money on their preferred product.

Does your product have a story?
Determine how strongly customers resonate with your product. How does your product compare favorably with analogs produced by your competitors?

How to attract more customers to the online store?
Your goal is to reduce the cost and increase the number of prospects. Let's break it down in detail!

20 SEO tips to bring your business to a new level
Increase your page load speed
People hate slow sites. The longer it’s loaded, the greater the likelihood of the potential buyer leaving. E.g., after waiting for three seconds, 40% of users leave the site. Etsy ran an experiment: it slowed down mobile downloads by just 1 second, leading to a 12% increase in bounce rates. Fractions of a second are of great importance - they can keep customers on the page or force them to turn to your competitors with a similar range. Therefore, ensure to use Google Page Speed, Pingdom, or Yahoo Yslow and optimize your page if necessary.

Tell about yourself on Google
For clients to find your online store, the search engine must have data about it. So use Google My Business to post information about your brand for users of the search engine and Google maps. That’s one of the factors affecting revenue growth, especially when it comes to local search.

Make your search efficient
To understand how correctly your site is indexed, use Google Search Console. That’s a great tool that shows the website's performance and usability over a certain period. Rest assured, an optimized healthy POD online store will increase purchase frequency.

Add useful content
Google awards high positions in SERP pages filled with quality information. However, another factor affecting rankings is longer content with more link weight and keywords. Therefore, adhere to the E-A-T principle (expertise, authority, and trust), create convenient navigation, add titles with search terms.

Fill your pages with keywords
Of course, keywords affect a page's ranking, especially if they’re in the first place at the top of popularity. However, your competitors can use them too! While utilizing long-tail keywords, you can generate even more traffic to your site. You can find them on Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Answer the public, or apply an autocomplete feature in the search box.

Find trending products
How to effectively promote print on demand business? First, tell about your products to a specific group of people. To navigate fashion trends, take note of Google Trends. Here, you’ll find the newest and most popular keywords and understand your audience's interests, even at the local level.

Get involved in link building
A structure of internal links in the text pointing to essential pages on the same domain is extremely important for getting a higher position in SERP. Moreover, by linking to other reputable resources, you can win high organic search engine rankings.

Create product videos
About 62% of universal searches include video content. In addition, when making purchasing decisions, the user, in most cases, relies on video reviews. Therefore, increasing POD sales revenue, increasing session time, getting more reach and authority, embed a video on the store's website.

Collect reviews
Reviews are proof that your product is truly worth buying. People spend 31% more if the company has excellent ratings. To do this, you can use Google Maps and local directories, and Q&A sites like Quora.

Build your link mass
Another of the most effective ways to gain profit is by building backlinks. To do this, use Mention or Moz's Link Explorer to analyze the pages that link to you. Please don’t rule out the possibility of establishing partnerships with them.

Analyze sales data
Apply Google Analytics to see the top-selling products and most visited pages over the past six months. Then, compare this data with the current one. If you have no problems with traffic, but there are practically no conversions, then most likely, your site isn’t convincing enough or has technical errors.

Invest in ads
If you have low traffic and a lot of purchases, then this strategy option will suit you. Finding new clients online will be even easier for you if you become visible and accessible.

Track SEO news
Optimization novelties are springing up like daisies, and it can be not easy to keep track of them at times. But they’re the ones that will help increase your KPIs.

Don't forget about social media!
Best print on demand companies use social media as an additional method of interacting with their customers. You’ll not only be able to increase traffic but also warm up the excitement and enthusiasm for your brand, especially if you introduce all kinds of competitions. Read more about this here.

Use influencer marketing
Utilize the authority of influencers to make your product more accessible to a broader audience. Recommendations can change the attitude of the consumer towards your product and lead to purchase...

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