SEO Training in Bangalore
The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is regarded as the process by which the results are obtained on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Referred to as the natural, editorial, natural search results displayed. SEO is employed to provide users with relevant content available on the platform ranked to a list. The efficiency of so, called browsers depends upon the SEO Training in Bangalore infrastructure it has. The higher the rating, the higher position and reliable source of information it is.
Importance of SEO
SEO is important for the following factors
1. The usual acceptance of the users on search engine results which appear within the top five positions
2. It increases the stability of a particular webpage
3. It helps in increasing the social acceptance of website
4. SEO helps in giving an edge over the competitors in the market as optimized stores will have better sales than others
Why should you learn-?
Digital Kora, the recipient of the SEO Excellence Award in Bengaluru from Urbanpro is offering Search Engine Optimisation training to young aspirants looking to learn this technology. The institute boasts of the finest faculty with years of experience behind them. The courses offered are of three types- Classroom Training, Online Training, and SEO Corporate Training Services. The classroom training is for those beginners who want to learn the basics. The online training caters to persons who are not livid with the idea to visit coaching centers, learning at their own pace and time. The online course can be accessed anywhere and on any device. The corporate course is for working class where they want to take training on this new evolving course as a requirement or just to update themselves. The corporate classes usually occur during evening hours. The syllabus has been framed keeping in mind the world-class requirements from basic to advanced levels. The main topics covered in the course include Introduction to SEO, Google Analytics, SEO Reporting, On-page and off-page optimization. The course is rich in content and after completion of the course, the students are eligible to appear in mock interviews where they are made industry oriented. Whats more, the course also involves the placement service, helping in the overall placement in the industry.
Outline of training
After completion of the training one will be-
1. Creation of audit reports using high-end tools for websites
2. Keyword research for a website
3. Implement on-page optimization using PHP and HTML.
4. Implement off-page optimization
5. The configuration of Google Webmasters
6. Competitor backlink analysis using SEMRUSH.
SEO is a relatively new technology which is shaping the way of online marketing. Individuals comfortable and certified with SEO are getting placed in various institutions and organizations. SEO Training in Bangalore can be used as an effective tool for digital, yet effective marketing which provides a greater scope for brands for their promotion. Its contribution to content marketing and organization is commendable as it is the main tool which has taken webpages to a level, where we see it today.

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