Hardly any other phrase can capture the essence of today's digital era better than 'content is king.' Our digital experiences mostly consist of browsing through vibrant websites, efficient apps, and powerful platforms. However, none of them would be worth visiting if they don't have content that captures our attention, engages us, and provides us some value. This is the exact reason that content writing domains such as SEO writing or ghostwriting are as valuable as web development or web design.

In the case the above terms may sound unfamiliar to you, let's go through what they mean:

● SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the tricks and tricks of making a search engine recognize a website as relevant to a search query and feature it in the top results. That means SEO writing involves writing content that can help with this aim.
● Ghostwriting simply means offering writing services to someone and owning to no credit over the written material. Ghostwriters write in all kinds of different formats and genres and are expected to produce material in bulk (word count and the number of works). Ghostwriting services Ghostwriting services often offer written content for various formats such as ebooks, blogs, and even whole novels!

But with writing attached to both terms' ends, it can be hard to differentiate between SEO writing and ghostwriting. After all, both require to write content like blogs, ebooks, and articles. Let me surprise you by saying both are different domains and require different points to focus on. Read on to find out the major differences between SEO writing and ghostwriting.

Different writing goals

Businesses and brands looking to improve their marketing require different domains to help them in this goal. Not only do they need effective and responsive websites, but also content that is optimized for the visitors as well as the search engines to ensure SEO. Similarly, there is content needed that is easily accessible and shareable among the target audience, leading to better awareness about their services. Here, content is needed on both ends but for different purposes.

Both SEO writing and ghostwriting have different aims to satisfy. The former is focused on producing content that is search engine friendly along with being informative. It also has a strong promotional voice. On the other hand, the goal for ghostwriters is to produce creative and original content that has a strong language flair.

Different priorities

As mentioned above, both SEO writing and ghostwriting have different shoes to fill. This results in SEO writers and ghostwriters having different priorities while writing their material.

In the case of writing for SEO, they have to ensure that their content catches the sight of search engines crawling through the web. This requires strategic placement of keywords across the content, and it is informative and to the point. If a search engine features the website and a visitor comes to read the material, the content can provide real value. This brings in more traffic than itself helps the SEO of a website.

On the other hand, ghostwriters primarily deal with producing voluminous as well as quality content. They have to write much more than an SEO writer and constantly fill their content with creative ideas and narratives. Ghostwriters have to deal with juggling different genres as well as different formats. For them, quality, as well as quantity, is the name of their game.

Is there any overlap between SEO writing and ghostwriting?

While there are many significant differences between the two, as given above, that does not mean that they are totally different! There are many ghostwriting companies out there that offer SEO writing as part of their services. Similarly, in order to optimize their own website, these companies may need SEO writing. In this way, both ends up sharing some common ground.

To effectively market a business or brand, it is important to understand the kind of marketing it needs. If it intends to make a solid presence on search results for queries, it needs to look for SEO writers to write content to optimize optimization. If it intends to share promotional material and useful information in a solid package, then the business or brand should look into a ghostwriter company for writing such content. With the above distinctions in place, now the choice is easy to make.

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