Separating From A Narcissistic Husband: How To Leave A Narcissist Marriage

Need some help on separating from a narcissistic husband? Living with a narcissistic husband is really depressing and most of the time you're not given the chance to be happy with your life. This becomes really frustrating if you cannot leave him mainly because you're financially dependent with him. Your life can be a constant struggle especially if you don't know the right actions to take.

A narcissist is very deceptive because you're not going to quickly notice the warning signs. It is only after you've established the love and the trust that he will show you his true colors. You have to remember that no matter what, you have total control of your life. Healing takes time but you can recover your soul and get your life back quickly if you know where to start the healing process.

I had a friend who's in the process of separating from a narcissistic husband. She's been emotionally abused for over 20 years and later abandoned by her abusive husband to live with another woman. If you're in her situation how would you behave? What actions would you take to manipulate a narcissist?

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First thing to remember is do not harbor thoughts of revenge. Why? Because your narcissistic husband will only turn against you and will only show you more cruelty. If he finds out that you no longer love him then you'll quickly have no greater importance to him and he'll simply move on and find another victim.

Instead, try to come out of this situation as winner. How? By simply letting your narcissistic husband believe that you're still head over heels in love with him. For instance, you can send him messages telling him all your deep feelings even though he's been cruel to you.

A narcissist feels great when they know that you're lost and miserable. This will give them the validation that they're really a more powerful person. If you make your narcissistic husband believe that he's in control then you can pull his strings and make him do whatever you want.

Separating from a narcissistic husband is the best thing that you can do right now. The techniques that I've shared above is tough but it will only increase your self-confidence knowing that you're really in control of everything.

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The blame game is easy to play in a troubled marriage. In most cases we look at our spouses and can count their faults one by one, even if they add up to 100. But it is a rare occasion when we take a look at ourselves, and acknowledge that we have also played a part in the demise of our marriage.

The first step in recovery is to acknowledge that we have a problem, or at the least admit we are a part of it. By the time we recognize that we have created some of the problems in our marriage, it is almost too late to save it. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Hind site is 20/20 and unfortunately is usually seen after the fact. But this does not have to your reality.

Now do not be too hard on your self. I said admit that you have contributed to the issues, not take ALL the blame. However, it would not be wise to point out all of your spouses faults to them. They may not be in a place where, they are ready to accept that, they have caused some of the problems.

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But if you want to save your relationship, you will have to step up and be the hero. You know it is not all your fault, and at this point the blame game is in overtime. You need a tie breaker, and you want to be on the winning team. Pass the ball Kobe, pass the ball.

You can win without having to be right. With a few simple, loving, steps you can turn your troubled marriage into a happy and fulfilling one. You will be able to look at your spouse with love, and get those silly butterflies in your stomach once again. And more importantly your spouse will look at YOU with love in their eyes, and remember why they married you in the first place.

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I said "they aren't like us" because my husband, some time ago, lost his interest in me and the married life completely; and wanted a divorce. Just like you, I didn't accept this easily. I wanted to stop this divorce from happening. I wanted to save my marriage. I fought for it - and I won in the end. Now my husband loves me more than ever, and I love him more than ever. We are living a second honeymoon.

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Desperation is your number one enemy. It will make you do stupid things like begging your spouse to save your marriage. This is something you should AVOID at all costs (and if you are doing it stop it immediately!), because chances are that your spouse is already fed up with you, and begging will make them only more fed up with you. And it will make you look desperate and needy.

And this is where another very important principle kicks in. People always want what they can't have. Begging makes you easy to have, and this works against you! This is why you must stop acting as if you are going to die if your spouse leaves you. Stopping a divorce from happening is only possible if your spouse is still attracted to you - and if you want that to happen, you must stop acting dependent on your spouse, and send a message of "you can't get me easily now even if you wanted" to your partner's subconscious.

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The stress of everyday life can take its toll on any intimate relationship. We are all hurried and over-scheduled most of the time these days. Between running back and forth to our jobs, and running our children to and from soccer practice, ballet, or karate, etc., it can become very frustrating when you are wanting to keep your intimate relationship solid. Aside from the hurried schedule of life, there are many other life stresses that can take a toll on your relationship with your life partner.

Simple issues like money problems, dealing with complications from previous relationships, and raising children, can wreak havoc in an intimate relationship. It's very easy to turn away from each other when dealing with these type of issues. Some people simply go inward and refuse to talk about anything while others may turn to someone else. This is how many cases of infidelity start. The partners are unable or unwilling to talk to each other about the major issues at hand, so they turn to someone else who seems to have a more understanding ear.

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It's very important to remember you must turn to each other when there are problems helping to bring trauma to your relationship. These life stresses may be completely outside of the relationship and outside of your control, but that doesn't mean they don't add undue stress to your relationship. Sometimes it can be simple things within the household that are causing a rift. For instance, if there is one party who doesn't help around the house. Even though this seems like such a simple issue, it can add up over time helping one of the partners to feel very resentful.

Partners should sit down from time to time to air out any issues that are starting to fester. You don't want these issues to chip away at your relationship. Take time to communicate openly with your partner about what's really bothering you. Even if the issues are outside of your relationship, let them know how much stress it is putting you under. Maybe there is something they can do to help you, to support you. For instance, if you feel like you're being rushed every day because you're carrying the kids back and forth to their activities, maybe your partner could take some of that load off of your daily schedule.

Remember your relationship is supposed to be the happy part of your life, the best part of your life. Your partner is called your partner for a reason. This is the person you have chosen to spend your life with, so let them help you when stresses are getting you down.

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