Welcome to Shamanics in Portugal's Newsletter. By providing you with some insights into our views and experiences our intention is that helps you, our readers, friends and connections to remember we are all part of a much larger community.

In our role as co-creators we have to take responsibility for what each of us is and have created in our world. Help from the Universe can only come once we accept it is our choices which shape and create our world.

In this last phase of 2015, we can already witness the new moving alongside old. We are being called for each of us to take responsibility for the way we live our lives. As we move into balance and integrity, so something shifts in the greater web of which we are all part. What is our vision?

What Do We Mean By: "To Quest"?

When we allow ourselves time to sit in solitude, we are honoring a calling which brings us back to a natural state of being. We are prepared in ritual. We find our space and set out our circle. When we enter we will intend to remain for two nights in Nature. In sacred circle we sit. And sit…

At first we may have internal resistance. `I'm lonely`. `I'm hungry´. `This is stupid´.`I can't do it, it's too hard`.

Though as we continue, our minds slowly begin to quiet and as our minds gradually release their frantic addiction to constant chatter, we also lose our usual mind association with time.

We accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Exactly when we are supposed to be there. Time changes. Is it faster? Slower? Certainly it is less urgent. We are outside the relentless marching of the `civilized´ world´s obsession with time, and a new, different relation with the world around us settles in. We are now in the NON ordinary and the work is at hand.

For each of us, the experiences now to unfold, will be different. We may receive visions, real, eyes open and inexplicable visions. Or hear sounds from around us we have not been aware of before. We will be moved to tears or transfixed by boundless joy. As our emotions swing and we witness them in this unique place, eventually we find space within us to just be.

Here in my circle. With my water bottle, my sore bum and empty tum. Time to move! Jump, dance, sway and stride. Laugh, cry and shout to the heavens.

Your intent has been set. You have drawn a line in the sand and by the incredible and unusual act of questing, you are going to leap over it. Not reluctantly. Not timidly just stepping over the line. You will LEAP it and leave it far behind.

`This is who I now am!´ `This is how I will stride forward with my life.´ You will never be the same again. No matter how it unfolds for you, it will be perfect. It will be your quest and it will be just as it should be.

In every quest we seek to move toward our highest potential for we know there is more we can achieve. Each of us desires to live our life in this way. To assist in this process here at Shamanics in Portugal, we have prepared a report entitled 'Nine Points to Meeting Your Highest Potential' which can be downloaded, for a small contribution, from the website.

The only choice you need to make is to read, study and reflect, oh and then take action - for 85% of creation is about taking action!

Shamanics in Portugal's next vision quest is in Portugal from 17th to 20th September 2015 – click here to book.
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Gathering on the Thursday evening, the quest itself will be held between the evening of the 18th and the morning of the 20th. This will be held at a truly magical natural location known locally as the Valley of Rainbows.

You will be able to choose where to create your space by the Rio Seia, large granite rock formations or in the woods, The first part of the 18th will include instruction as well as shamanic work, including drumming. The latter part of the 20th will allow for experiences to be shared as well as celebration.

The following Shamanics in Portugal event will be a Fire Ceremony from 27th to 29th November when you will be able take the opportunity to bring what you desire to be rid of in your life, preparing the fire on which you place it. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to create the new.
(A booking form will be available on the website shortly – but feel free to request more details or reserve a place using our contact form and we will send an invoice accordingly).

The full list of events to September 2016 is available by clicking on Forthcoming Events at the http://ShamanicsinPortugal.com website or you can or simply visit:

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Besides creating and running http://creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/ Gregory Reece-Smith, the author of this article, is also one of the three main guides with Shamanics in Portugal alongside Steve and Suze Plenty-Light Elliott. You can visit the team's facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ShamanicsinPortugal.

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organisations and with individuals. As well as coaching, he conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to gain experience of how to effect a shift and bring greater clarity in their lives. Gregory´s first book The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life, was published by Divine Time Books and is currently available via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry.