There are very few homeowners who ever remember the importance of regular septic tank maintenance; doing so is a good practice that helps in preventing sewage backup, overflow as well as helping in the prevention of related health hazards. In the ideal sense, septic tank draining should be done every three to four years. This is normally a manageable procedure that is provided by septic pumping companies. As a homeowner, your responsibility is to learn the way the entire system works so you can notice a problem as soon as it occurs. Nipping problems in the bud ensures a hassle free operation. There are several things you need to know regarding septic tank maintenance.

Preventive measures: Avoid overloading the system by using water sparingly; you want to avoid using a washing machine or dishwasher when someone else is running the shower. You should also make sure that food remnants are not dumped down the drain because they will definitely clog up the tank. The other aspect of preventative maintenance is drain cleaning but while at it, you must avoid using toxic cleaners or pouring greases and oils into the system as well. It is also important to avoid emptying any type of debris into the drainage; such things as diapers, tissues, condoms or cigarette butts will definitely sludge your septic tank. Always ensure that septic tank pumping is done regularly.

Too many detergents: Unknown to most people, the excessive use of detergents or cleaners has a negative impact on septic tanks. This is because the chemicals used in the products will kill some important bacteria that are found inside the tank; this bacterium helps in the bio digestion of waste. When doing sewage treatment you need to choose the products you are using carefully; enzyme based products are usually the best to use but they should also be used sparingly.

Keep roots away: You should avoid having trees and shrubs growing around the drain field because their deep roots are likely to clog the system. You should also ensure that all spouts outside the home are directed away from the septic tank’s direction to prevent flooding.

Awareness: You must also avoid having any structures built on top of the drain field and you should also not park your car above it because the compress the soil and prevent proper drainage. A regular program of drain cleaning will also prevent the drain from backing up, the best way to maintain your sewer line is by maintaining cleanliness in the surrounding area; prevention is better than cure.

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