For any Quality Assurance team in the manufacturing industry, supporting the life cycle management of the product generally means a great deal of work and responsibility. For some industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, the primary objective is to serve regulatory compliance needs for Quality Assurance. Considering the level of quality standards in any industry the role of the QA expert is crucial across the whole process to identify and mitigate risks. This can be possible by implementing quality systems for the management and movement of items from manufacturing to the shipment process.
Evolution of Serialized Inventory Solution
Serialization methods are no exception, simply because the global serialization landscape is rapidly evolving. A single serialization system virtually handles multiple use cases while regular system updates and upgrades must be anticipated and controlled. The greatest source of hassle for QA validation is change management and serialization solution developed to seamlessly support the change.
4 Key Points of Quality Assurance for a serialized inventory solution
1. serialized inventory Helps you in building the Effective Enterprise by:
 Meeting regulatory requirements and customer mandates
 Simplifying purchase, storage, shipment, and handling of materials
2. Business challenges
 Combat counterfeiting
 Manage recalls
 Improved ways to identify items
 Yield & record unique characteristics as quality test results (inspections)
 Meet unique customer requirements
 Improve warehouse efficiency
 Increase Inventory accuracy
3. Label Printing Services
 Setup printers for label printing
 Print barcode labels directly from key transactions
 Customize Label design using 3rd party software (label template)
 Label format definitions
 Generate a file with fixed and variable data according to the label format
 Connect to hardware via different communication protocols
4. Maintain information to support the inventory, supply, and demand items
 Manage and communicate item data
 Maintain item and lot specifications
 Qualify and control items by lot attributes
 Validate inbound & production receipts
 Select & validate goods to issue
 Specifications at partner/order level to qualify materials
 Full Track & trace with lot attributes
Tighter Inventory Control
For some businesses, inventory control requirements need to be more detailed and accurate when managing stock levels. Some companies require serialized inventory for tracking their items, managing product warranties, tracking repairs, and reducing fraud. If you manufacture your products and need to tag and track them, or reselling a product that requires serialized management control, serial number tracking functionality handles it with ease.
Reduced Human Error
One important benefit of the serialized inventory control system is the minimization of human errors by automating inventory operations. Serialization keeps track of product and its components movement at each point from entering into the supply chain cycle till the exit. Traceability at the unit level saves from loss of track of data during movement from one department to another department. The reduction of human error in inventory operations guarantees the quality of product delivery to the end customers.
Detailed Tracking Methods
The serial numbers retain all the information and history, including which purchase order they were received on and which invoice they were sold on. These serial numbers can be linked to the accounts payable bill to acquire the bill information such as bill number, supplier, and date. Similarly, from the invoice, you can get the invoice information such as invoice number, date, customer name, and selling price. For defected items, serialization helps to ease return management and to manage the quality control of the products entering into the system.

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