Brand building is a very important component of any internet marketing business and therefore should be approached in a professional manner. Now do not interpret 'professional' as meaning a 'paid for' service nor that it implies the online brand you are developing must convey a serious tone or message. Your focus should be that your efforts make a positive and lasting impression that reflect trust and reliability. The whole point of an online brand is to make you more distinctive and easier to notice in a vast internet environment. To be noticed is to be heard which is a necessity in order for any sales strategies you may use to have their desired effect! In this way your approach will need to 'professional' in order to achieve these results!

Here are 5 guidelines you will want to follow to insure the brand you are building will make a positive impact and best represent your internet marketing business!

Use Paid Hosting

Avoid the 'free' hosting accounts since they always come with a sub-domain and can even limit you in terms of the content and design. Paid hosting allows you to 'personalize' your domain name while keeping it as short as possible. This reflects a much more professional image for your internet marketing business and the name is easier to remember as well!

Select Appropriate Domain Name

The domain you select must have some relevancy to your business and will also reflect your online brand. Selecting a domain name is fun but it is not always so easy to do since in the large majority of cases there is usually somebody else who is already using your selection!

Use Professional Image

It is recommended to use imagery to help reinforce the identity you are developing since it also helps to make recognition of you or your business that much easier. Consider the ease of glancing at a picture or logo and knowing immediately what it stands for! This is what you want to accomplish and what you choose will depend upon whether you are branding your internet marketing business or perhaps simply yourself! Business brands are typically symbols, initials or logos whereas a personal branding can use the individuals picture or at least a caricature.

It is suggested to avoid simply finding something you like online and using that since it may already be in use by somebody else. Also and just as important you may unknowingly be infringing upon a copy-write of any image you randomly select so tread carefully.

Social Media Bios

Do not be lazy or neglectful when filling out your bio at any of the social sites you may be using for branding purposes. Complete it in full and be sure it reflects exactly the image you want to project so as not to confuse people or dilute your own branding efforts!

Act Professionally

Always keep in mind that when your are representing your internet marketing business to act in a cordial and professional manner. The way you behave will reflect directly upon your business and your online brand as well so act accordingly and do not end up 'shooting' yourself in the foot! Remember a bad impression is hard to erase!

The brand building process is one that should be approached in a planned out and methodical fashion for it to have the greatest impact. Having an established and recognizable online brand makes the sales strategies of any internet marketing business that much more effective! Having said that your approach to establishing your online brand should consider your credibility in the eyes of others and also long range business goals. The 5 guidelines offered above are intended to help you maintain focus on the branding process itself for the image you have chosen to represent your internet marketing business!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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