Enzymes are vital to the human body. Without enzymes, cells in our body will not be able to carry out chemical reactions because the energy required is too grate. Enzymes reduce the activation energy response that needs to occur, thus allowing our body to perform a series of reactions at low temperatures. Enzymes are the proteins that are needed in our system. Without them, we will not be able to survive. The name of the enzyme depends on the action of the enzyme. Lipases break down fatty acids (lipids), and proteases break down proteins.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme from silkworm gut bacteria that is used by moths to dissolve hard cocoons. It was first isolated by Japanese scientists in the 1960s and soon became Japan's best-selling drug, and later entered the pharmacy shelves in Europe and North America as a dietary supplement.

Serrapeptase is a protein and therefore can be broken down in this strong acidic environment of the stomach. Serrapeptase therefore possesses an outer layer to protect it in the supplement capsule form, in order that it can move through the stomach intact. Once the serrapeptase has been taken up into the bloodstream, it's going to move around your entire body and will go about its tasks of breaking down non-living material.

In our body, we have a protein called fibrin, a normal repair protein that repairs damage as soon as it occurs. If you cut yourself, our body will lay a layer of fibrin on the wound to help suture the damaged tissue. The only real concern is that your body will try to ensure that the damage is completely repaired, so it usually means that the formation of scar tissue will harden over time. Considering that with the increase in age, the proteolytic enzymes produced by our body are significantly reduced, so it is a good idea to incorporate them into the diet. This can be the form of fruit we emphasize, even as a health supplement.

As we age and the number of proteases in the body decreases, this enzyme becomes more and more important. There are many benefits to taking serrapeptase, including treatment of coronary artery occlusion. This enzyme has been prescribed in Europe and is mainly used to treat arterial plaques. In Germany, doctors recommend this enzyme to patients who need heart surgery. The results are impressive, and many patients no longer need bypass surgery. Serrapeptase has a long history in Europe – thirty years or more, and many medical studies have shown that taking this enzyme brings many benefits. Just like anything else related to your health, you should meet a medical professional to ensure medication safety before taking this type of dietary supplement.

The enzyme is first isolated from microorganisms in the digestive system of the silkworm. This is a symbiotic relationship because microbes have a natural living environment and the time it takes for nutrition to survive, while silkworms use serrapeptase for some purposes. Serrapeptase not only helps the silkworm to digest food, but also helps the moth escape from the silkworm cocoons by making a hole in it. If you have seen silkworm cocoons, you will know that it is as hard as a stone, but the serine protease will make a hole in the silkworm cocoon wall so that the moth can come out.

Of course, this great enzyme is not perfect. Serrapeptase may help treat a variety of diseases, but taking this supplement can also have some side effects, the most important of which is Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare and serious disease. The main feature is the appearance of blisters around the body. Other possible effects include: rash, skin flushing, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, etc.

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