The various services offered under offender management system are important from the point of view of its successful implementation. Be it community corrections or national prison, the administrators need an experienced team to guide them along every stage of their project. Objectives of prison management need to be met in a manner that best suits a particular facility. A one-fits-all kind of offender management solution is not ideal by any stretch of imagination, and the corrections’ authorities need to have a comprehensive array of services for ensuring effective maintenance of their facility.

The services of offender management system include:

* Project management – This involves overall management, guidance and reporting through a project manager dedicated to one project at a time. This manager is made accountable to the administration of a corrections facility.

* Program management – Multi-phased projects need to be effectively planned. Communication and effective use of resources is an important part of program management too. The offender management solutions provider company has the expertise in all these aspects of program management.

* Business Analysis – Trained business analysts ensure that the understanding of the requirements of the corrections is complete. The information that they receive from their clients need to be communicated effectively to the technical development and delivery team.

* Data conversion – Lot of essential data are required for execution of an offender management system. The jail management software may need to be updated or upgraded for a new one. This would usually involve mapping, extraction, extraction, conversion and re-loading of data from old format into new one or vice-versa.

* Interface development – If the jail management software tools have too complex an interface, it would hardly be of much use to the corrections authorities. Moreover, the task of integration with legacy and/or third-party system also needs to be undertaken. All this require specialized expertise which is provided by the justice system providers.

* Legal sentence calculation – Varying legal frameworks and specific requirement of a corrections facility necessitate different solution for legal sentence calculation customized for the purpose. There are some solution provider companies with expertise in providing these services to many countries across continents.

* Training – If a service provider for offender management system installs all the electronic automation, as well as other access and management control features, the responsibility of training the corrections staff for the same also needs to be borne by it.

* Support – After the offender management solution is provided, the solution provider also undertakes the task of making available product specialists that are available round the clock for troubleshooting of issues, if any.

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