Even if you do understand SEO and how it works it still makes sense to hire a media agency Dubai to handle your business SEO needs. Understanding the process does not give you the tools, experience and knowledge in how to achieve a good ranking for your website and online pages. It is also more work than people realize, it is an ongoing process that needs attention and effort to keep it successful. By utilizing an SEO agency you can take advantage of all their skill and experience. There are a lot of companies offering such services nowadays though so here is a look at some of the services a good agency should offer.

Do they use the right methodology to generate keywords?

Look at what the best methodology is for generating keywords and see if they are using it. What tools do they use, and do they include analysis of your chosen keywords? For example, Google Adwords has a keyword planner that allows competitive research and analysis of keywords.

Do they offer extensive site analysis?

As well as keyword analysis you want a top media agency Dubai to offer analysis on your website. Looking at things such as ranking, content and design structure. They should offer what is often referred to as a website audit. This can then feed into their proposal of what work they would do for you to improve things in the design of the site, the traffic coming to it, its content, and its overall performance.

Do they get high-quality backlinks?

Not all agencies include backlinks in their services, and they really should. But not just any will do, you want ones that are high-quality. Backlinks that come from very reputable websites that are very closely related to your niche. Ask them how they gather backlinks.

What strategy do they use for SEO?

When choosing an SEO Dubai based agency you should ask about the strategies they use to raise your ranking. Avoid companies that use methods such as spamming advertising to move your rank quickly. Also, avoid any more dishonest practices like tricking the search engines. First of all, such methods might get quicker movement but it is not long-lasting. Secondly, such methods are not something search engines like and you can have your site blacklisted. Look for good examples of SEO in their past work and even in the SEO they do for themselves.

Do they offer comprehensive reports?

A good SEO Dubai located agency will offer comprehensive reports on the efforts they make and the progress of the campaign. Depending on what you want, it could be quarterly or even monthly. It should have a combination of text and graphics and help you judge how your rank advancement is progressing.


When you are in need of an expert company in SEO and media, look at what services they have to offer. Make sure they know what they are talking about, look at the work they have done for other businesses and ensure they are not making big promises they cannot keep or sustain.

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