I am going to share a concept for setting Purposeful goals that really works!

Most people sit down and write a list of goals from their conscious mind and some set unachievable ones that they do not believe, so for these people, goal setting is just a dream

By completing a “Success Diary” aligned with your Purpose as an effective alternative to the standard way of setting goals the method speaks to your subconscious mind, where the deep programming is – this is where the magic works – and the part that the “Secret Movie” fails to really explain.

So here is what you need to do -

1. Pick an area of your life where you would like to improve – e.g. health, family, spiritual, financial.

2. Realistically imagine where you would like this part of your life to be – think big if you like or be realistic with yourself too and don’t frighten yourself with something that you don’t think is achievable.
Lets take an example – say financial. You can move this to a 10/10 if you want but if you think its unrealistic for now, it’s okay to settle for a couple of points up the scale from where you are now.

3. Begin your Success Diary – perhaps just before you go to bed and write freely how you imaging your life to be having this new level of achievement. Describe every detail. How you feel, what you see, how others react, what’s it like. Bring colour, movement, metaphors (it’s a bit like) and energy to your Diary and always write in the present tense.

4. Replace every “not” with a positive. So if you say, “I don’t feel worried”, replace it with “I feel relaxed” or something similar.

5. Repeat and edit this as often as you can for 30 days and review your entries often.

6. Be sure to write your reward at the end and make sure that you honour this when you achieve your goal.

7. Pick another area of your life and repeat the above.

This works. It’s scary to see how accurate this is, so be careful what you ask for!

It is also worth making sure that each goal in the diary is checked with your Purpose Statement which will pull the whole exercise together because goals should all be driven from a place of Purpose and deep meaning. This is probably the main reason that many people fail with their goal setting and loose interest or the desire to keep going when they get nudged off path.

Your Purpose Statement written out in a concise sentence which oozes with deep meaning for you and is true to you will be your guide and will be constant for you whilst the elements around you will not.

May Purpose Guide You.

Richard Jacobs

This is an summary which is found in the Purpose Toolkit Section of the Living On Purpose Program™


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My name is Richard Jacobs. I have had the privilege of coaching over 100,000 people in seminars and workshops. One of these seminars.... probably life's most important question was turned into a book - "What's Your Purpose? Seven Questions to find your answer". I developed a whole system to find and live your Purpose with follow up programs - how to create the Attitude that most makes you sing and the Means to achieve your goals while keeping a smile on your face.
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