To the uninitiated, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and a positive attitude are completely unrelated. ADD sufferers often however, because of this condition, do lose some of the ability to think positively due to feelings of frustration and of losing control. This results in a negative attitude, making it far more difficult to confront these challenges head on and move on wards and upwards.

ADD sufferers may need to practice having a positive and cheery outlook, focusing on their achievements and areas of ability, thus increasing happiness and also helping to foster motivation. Motivation equals progress, and less spare time to concentrate on feeling depressed and in a rut. Some practical and really quite easy suggestions on how you can practice and maintain a positive outlook are as follows:

1. Look after yourself.

When you're getting enough rest, exercise and eating properly, you are going to find it less of a challenge to feel positive.

2. Focus on the good thing you have in life.

Remind yourself of the good things in your life. Do it often, even if for just a minute a day and your troubles will seem both far away and less challenging. Try it- you'll be amazed at how much better you feel!

3. Don't assume – you all know the famous saying!

If you aren't that confident in social situations and worry about whether you're liked or accepted the chances are you're assuming the worst. If you are worried that you've offended someone or you're being talked about in an unfavorable light – ask them. This will have the effect of both (probably) allaying your fears, and also instilling respect in your peers. There's really no point in worrying, it doesn't achieve anything except upsetting yourself. Confirm that the problem exists before you begin to worry.

4. Try not to use sweeping statements

You know the type, telling your husband or wife ‘you NEVER listen to me, or ‘or you ALWAYS leave the toilet seat up' will only make the situation ten times worse and an easy solutions further away. It also affects your mind, programming it into believing what you are saying, in this case, that you're always being let down.

5. Banish all negative thoughts

Negative thoughts drain you in more ways than one. If you notice any stray negative thoughts, cut them loose, and watch them drift away – that way they have no power over you.

In business, rules and protocol is the order of the day. Basic productivity is easily achievable but to truly do a great job takes communication. Yes, okay, so we will all know someone that thrives under pressure and does their best work then, but let's face it, they've pretty few and far between. For most mere mortals, stress only makes things worse so don't add to it by pretending to be something you're not and trying to live up to it. The bravest are those who are honest and admit to be workaholics.

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