Introduction- XOXO Network

The XOXO Network is a decentralized, peer to peer global powerline networking system that runs on set protocols with no admin or official authority. This Ethereum smart contract-based system requires members to choose between different smart contract projects that could potentially yield profits.

In reality, XOXO Network is nothing but a crypto-based cash gifting matrix cycler program. The Network uses Ethereum as the only method of payment that is member to member. Thus XOXO is the first-ever powerline network built on a smart contract, it protocols it’s unshakable and unstoppable to work and serve everyone equally.

How Does the XOXO Network Smart Contract Work?

XOXO is a Smart Contract, that allows the automatic redistribution of ETH transactions between members. The program works with a Powerline, that is the registration of the members can be done one after the other according to the payment of the transactions in chronological order.

XOXO Network appears to be built on a series of Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts. These smart contracts control all XOXO Network administration including the payment and Autopools. As we all know smart contract is a code to perform and execute a certain task- it’s just like an ordinary program. With smart contracts, you can verify certain details using Ethereum blockchain explorer. you can verify the authenticity by checking the smart contract code.

Normally Smart contract hold funds until it meets certain trigger/ conditions in the contract. However in the XOXO network, the smart contract does not hold or store any funds, rather it pays the funds directly right away into users wallets.

XOXO Network features

The XOXO network comprises all of the following features and benefits,

100% decentralized MLM with no company or administration
Limited chances of hacks and/or scams
A simple, secure, and lucrative system where everyone wins
Unlimited referral bonus
Seven different global autopools to choose
Instant payouts
Ethereum based Smart Contract
Transparent, un-erasable, and un-cheatable
Unstoppable Protocol
P2P Multi Payment System
High returns with no risk
Very low joining fee[0.1 ETH]

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