Most successful people admit that they are goal-setters. They consistently set and achieve their goals. You may wonder HOW they can set and achieve their goals on a consistent basis and I want to tell you about the “how.”

It’s not enough to just set a goal. You must also become who you need to become in order to reach that goal. What does that mean?

If you want to lose a lot of weight, you may need to be someone who eats a certain way. If you are looking for a mate, you may need to be someone who is more loving and giving. If you want to make new friends, you may need to be a person who is a good listener.

Let’s say you want to have a goal of breaking a six-figure income in the next 12 months. So you need to look into who you need to be to be a six-figure earner. What kind of person is that, and what would you need to change in order to be that person?

Here are some examples of that.

1) You need to be a person who accepts full responsibility for your situation and the events in your life. A person who is always blaming someone else, or the economy for his or her lack of financial success will not become a high-income earner. Playing the victim does not lead to success because that’s playing small. You need to be a big player who takes responsibility and moves forward with it. Accept your current situation as your own creation and then determine what needs to be done to change it.

This means you also need to take full responsibility for your results. People who down-play their achievements give away the credit they deserve. You must be a person who can proudly share your achievements to inspire others. You’re not going to be able to share your gifts if no one knows what kind of results they will give them. You are the example and you have to boldly claim the results you have accomplished.

2) You need to be a risk-taker and not be afraid of failure. Taking chances runs the risk of mistakes but as long as you can dust yourself off and try again you have not failed. A risk-taker is willing to learn from mistakes and keeps going. Many times you must be able to do this while facing fear, discomfort or the unknown.

3) You need to be a follower and a leader. I say a follower because all successful people found someone who made similar achievements and followed their example. This could mean having a mentor or a coach, or even a parent who you can learn from and who can shorten the learning curve for you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can start where the last person left off, or take another angle.

I say a leader because eventually you have to separate yourself from the pack and demonstrate your unique gifts you have to offer. And when you start to succeed, you will need to be an example for others to follow. It’s like a relay race where you pass the stick to the next qualified runner.

4) You need to be a person who is a positive thinker. When you have a big goal there will inevitably be setbacks and obstacles. A high-income earner knows how to manage his or her energy when these things occur so they don’t succumb to discouragement. Feeling discouraged can lower your energy, your vibration, and your ability to attract your desires. This is what keeps success out of reach for most people. But your goal is to not be like most people so you have to develop the skills needed to rise above the norm and stay positive.

So those are several ways that you might need to be in order to earn a six-figure income in the next 12 months. Success is 90% mindset and deciding on who you need to be in order to reach any goal that you might have is all about mindset. Who do you need to be to reach your goals? Make a list; start being; the doing will follow.

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