The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this:Decide what you want.

Ben Stein

I Find the Season a Great time to evaluate our desires and focus on what we truly desire. It is also a time that we bring in our faith to make our desires manifest. Faith to me is knowing the results will be there even before I see them.

To some seeing is believing, To others Believing is seeing. That to me is faith.

Some of us may be a little unsettled when we talk of the kindness of God. Others may say “well where are my miracles?” I am still waiting. Ahhh that is the key. When we know the miracle or a desire is being manifested we don’t want for it. We know it will happen.

However it is vitally important to truly know the desire of your own heart. One can ask for guidance and insights to your choice however ultimately choosing our path is important. This is were my angel has truly helped me. To stay on the right path and consistently work through my desires.

In order for me to know my heart, I have taken time to look and understand my desire. So Take time today and make a choice a strong decision in your life. That is what will help and manifest your miracle. If we are constantly changing our minds then the foundation of our miracle is not established and God cannot bless us.

I will today love my God with all my heart and my soul and sing to my angels a song of Joy. For God lives in the praises of his people and we are truly blessed.

So today . Think – Decide – Be Blessed.


Dilani Diva
Your spiritual guru and psychic counselor.

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Dilani Diva is a spiritual Psychic and a spiritual Guru. She has been helping many through her gifts of channelling for many years. Dilani focusses on The lives of people and their personal development. Wether is be Love, or Life or Personal Power. She Channels in with her guide to give us spiritual guidance and messages. Her focus is the development of each ones spiritual journey. Dilani also predicts for the future. However the future depends on each one's path and so she provides insights for one's achievements. To learn more about this mystical eastern Psychic visit her website and spiritual studio at
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